John’s book

18 11 2010

From his first words John discloses the identity of the Creator of the Universe. We were created for Him from nothing but dust and under His Word. I am amused by the many efforts made trying to explain the myriad of ways we could have been created from mysterious coincidences of gooey matter  to enormous explosions between two particles….who made the two particles? Who made the goo and where did it come from? The more we try the further we are from the truth!

We exist because God desired us and we are unique because He wanted us to be different. Look at all His creation and you will not find such diversification of size, color intellect.  

John the Baptist was unique! He wore strange clothes made of Camel hair (not your everyday fashion item)and ate locusts and other weird foodstuffs! He chose to live in the desert …but even so he knew his place in history as the forerunner of Jesus to announce the coming of “The Savior”.

We know Thomas for his doubting of who Jesus is, but should rather know him for his faith. The doubting had a purpose and that was to ensure the search for the truth be recorded factually as he ascertained himself of who this man was that died and rose again. (John 20;24-31)

Thomas struggled to be faithful to someone who did not look like the one expected and needed these facts to strengthen his faith as we all do at times as it is still difficult to simply believe!

We also at times doubt but without having to live a life of doubt or disbelief. That is a choice we make.

Let’s look at some facts which strengthen our belief;

  • We live on a created earth
  • Historic figures and places mentioned in the bible have been tested by many and proven to exist exactly.
  • There was a Joseph who was a carpenter and he married a Mary and had a son named Jesus (he had seven other children later)
  • A man named Jesus appeared before Pontius Pilot in the time of Caiaphas the High Priest.
  • Crucifixion was the chosen method of punishment and a man named Jesus was Crucified on the hill called Golgotha with two others.
  • He was buried and after three days there was upheaval because his body could not be found.
  • The man Jesus was seen by thousands after this crucifixion.

More we need not know!

Archeological digs repeatedly prove the accurateness of the Bible and non-Christian observers like Josephus record the facts corroborating the facts in the bible.

It is only those trying to escape the reality of Jesus and the fact that one day we will have to stand before a righteous judge who WILL judge us according to our deeds irrespective of our believing in Him or not. My prayer is that your eyes will see beyond this realm into the spiritual and you will make a stand for your eternal soul.




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