When will Jesus come?

16 11 2010

Talking to a friend recently, he suddenly stood still and asked, “when is Jesus coming”? This is an age-old question and of course there is no answer. Let me correct that…one cannot give a definitive answer but we know from the Bible what the signs are for His coming!

So, what are the signs?

The trick response is it would not matter! The actual question is when will you die? That could be now, tomorrow or in a number of years time. The fact is that you will die! How and when is largely out of our hands. If this is so then the “signs” spoken about in the bible do not matter as you must be ready in season or out …or to use biblical language, you must have your lamp full of oil as He will come like a thief in the night. When you do not expect it, He could come.

Are you ready for this encounter? Church seldom speaks of judgement anymore because it is really not cool to speak of this loving Jesus as someone who would place you in hell for eternity to burn and suffer! Does not sound like the Jesus I have heard about…the Jesus who will give you what you ask for and loves you …or is it?

Firstly, it is not Him who will put you into hell, but your own decisions and choices you make in life! Secondly, yes, He is the Lamb of God and desires to give you what you ask, but remember it is to be in faith and in line with His word otherwise you mistake Him for Santa Claus! As He is the Lamb of God He is also the Lion of Judah and will one day sit on His throne and judge all according to THEIR deeds and not His!   He cannot close His eyes to sin and allow sin to contaminate heaven once more and therefore will judge all sin.

My prayer is that you dear reader, take this to heart and ensure you join Him in heaven by simply repenting from your sin and asking Him to forgive and accept you into His Kingdom. So simple yet so difficult as our pride and human knowledge limits us and prevents us from simply taking Him at His word which is Life!  




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