About us

All Nations Family, Moreleta Park


This is a short summary of what we are about.

  • church without walls
  • loving Jesus
  • loving each other
  • loving those who do not know Him
  • we believe our lifestyle witnesses our belief in serving Him
  • We believe in accountability to one another and ultimately to Him
  • We believe that the Bible is the unfailing, Spirit inspired, Word of GodNamibia - Rainbow

That is it. I would love to imagine there is more, and there is, but this is the bottom line of what we are about.

The All Nations Family is a non-Denominational Christian group doing “church” without walls. This blog will be investigating our values and a number of actions we are involved in. Actions like “Shiver Relief”, “Dindela”, “Homechurch ANF Moreleta Park” and “Africa Wheels of Hope”. The participating families may change as we go along, but the principles remain the same. We are value driven and although we support the complete church as the body of Christ we have chosen to gather in small groups in homes where a deeper level of intimacy can take place.

Home churches are prevalent throughout the world and follow the directions of Acts 2. We gather on Sundays at our home in Moreleta Park, Pretoria (South Africa) and follow a simple form of church which is Welcome, Worship, Word and Works. This does not necessarily remain like this. We have taken off on a picnic as well as simply gathered at a restaurant before.

We have a high value of contacting each other during the week as encouragement and simply to stay in contact. The group has swelled to a maximum of 32 and dwindled to a group of 6 being increasing to the level of 16 where we currently are. We have agreed to try and maintain a level of around 26 as we find intimacy can be maintained at this level. Larger groups tend to encourage non participative people. We would not disallow them to attend but would encourage them to become involved or to attend one of our other home churches so that they too can get full value. We however do not lose relationship with those “leaving” and try to be spiritual parents to them as they grow in their own Homechurch environment.

We highly encourage accountability among members of the same sex. (This short sentence opens an enormous can of worms I am willing to discuss:)

We are very outward looking and inclusive. What that means is that we are mission orientated (very spiritual sounding actions) and that we allow all to attend irrespective of their present belief system or behaviour pattern.

Let me elaborate on that. We have sent our members to all the nations (hence the name) Asia, Americas, Africa and Europe. The only place we have not sent people is the Australians! We also have local actions. We have a large outreach called “Shiver Relief” and you can check out our actions by accessing it. You can also read what we are up to in Dindela and Africa Wheels of Hope.

We are blessed to have great friends and to be able to work in a place that is spectacular. I am interested in views on how to do church and I suppose the first opinion should then be but what is church…. if you have views tell me.

For more on who Danny & Ineke are, click here.

Danny & Ineke

Danny and Ineke Spangenberg


5 responses

28 03 2007

Awesome 🙂
Looks good Danny welcome to the Web.

13 04 2008

I just discovered your blog – I love it! Way to go Danny & Ineke!!!
with love from CapeTown side of the family

6 10 2008
Pastor Carol Edwards UK

Hello Pastor Daniel & family ~ As you recommended … check out your website ~ Its Great!! We too do:WWWW follow a simple form of church which is Welcome, Worship, Word and Works, in our home groups at Christ Church Church of England in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. UK. http://www.crossandcrown.org.uk
I am a joint home group pastor ~ we have 11 of us who meet on a Thursday afternoon ~ age 28; 62 -86. We also meet as a church 10.30am Studying the Holy Spirit ~ One hundred or so regularly & growing! Praise God! … 6.30pm Studying the book of Revelation ~ 70 approx each Sunday evening plus visitors! Great to meet you on the web through IHOP-KC USA connections. Blessings to you and your church Family. “Keep on keeping on” … Great Grace in The Beloved ~ Bridegroom~King~Judge ~ Pastor Carol Edwards

27 11 2012
Spencer Courtis

The fellowshipping of the saints, in unity, by this shall all men know who we are, by the love we have for one another. Where as little as two or three gather in His name, there He is, two or three thousand more, in His name, there He is. Our love for one another is the determining factor of our relationship in His church.

3 12 2012
Scott Sholar

Thank you for sharing, and God bless you.

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