22 11 2010

Why is it when you smell coffee it feels as though everyone is smiling and birds are singing? What is it about a good cup of coffee in any variant, Latte, Cappucino or even flavored, that makes it so relaxing and convivial to a great chat. I know Starbucks beleive they hold some sort of right to be seen as the “coffee people” of choice.

Coming from Africa and being an absolute addict has it’s advantages. I get to experience the great African Coffees from the Zimbabwean confused blends to the Kenyan and Ethiopian as well as some of the South African blends. All have it’s unique flavour and competes favorably with the European and South American coffees. What is the difference between European and South American?

Jacobs has the best De-Cafeinated coffee with afull and coffee flavour safe to drink in the evenings if you are of advanced years and need your beauty sleep. The Dutch Douw and Egberts has been a favorite for years and has many flavors represented by the color of the packet. The “Rood” or red pack being the most commonly used and I find great but not mind blowingly incredible.

House of Coffees have also come out with a range of blends which are consistently good but also does not reach that exceptional level.

There is a company from Port Elizabeth who have mastered the art of mixing top Ethiopian beans with South American beans and it is found only in bean form which also ensures perfect freshness and once you have had a cup or two and your socks have melted off and you start quoting unknown rebel poets you know this is coffee! Full and tasty with minor lingering on the tongue but it has that deep satisfying taste of real coffee …bliss. Get the Brazilian Dark mix…! Test and find your own blend.

It is available in Brooklyn, Pretoria and a number of other stores throughout South Africa and is worth tracking down. The downside is the store owner in Brooklyn is one of the most obnoxious persosn you are to meet without even knowing him. Fortunately he has a daughter who sees to the sales!

Happy cooffee drinking




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