Character, Morals and Integrity

17 04 2013






Playing bowls recently I noted a player “nudging” a wood closer to the Jack. It was truly a rather indiscernible little nudge and in the end was just out of the count, so it did not matter much. If it had been nudged slightly harder, it would have been in the count or at least had to be measured. Has our lives come to this where we need to win so badly in a friendly Wednesday afternoon game, that we need to resort to illicit means to win a point?

The problem here is that it is not simply about winning a point, but has become a way of life for many and reflects character or the lack thereof! If you are not caught out it is OK! Is it? What has happened to upbringing which says it is a shame to need be questioned about character issues? The Japanese felt so strongly that they would commit Hari Kari for reasons of pride, while many other cultures have enormous value to the word of a man.

In our society, we now have a President who has questions over his character which are unresolved (Arms scandal, Nkandla, Rape etc…) and Government spokesman who lie with such regularity (calling it spin which apparently makes it acceptable) that you are unable to believe anything that is said. Even when it could be true!

I am not saying we need go back to committing suicide on issues of character, but there must surely be a middle path where liars and purposeful  deception is scorned by the broad public for what it is. Deceitful and unacceptable behavior reflecting on poor character to be avoided.

It is portrayed in all areas of life and can be seen modeled on TV and even be taught at business schools!

In the early 50’s experiments were done with rodents on over population. They would place a number of rats in a small enclosure and observe behaviour. When the ratio of rats to space was acceptable there was no problem and even eating was orderly. As the ratio of rats to space increased a number of behaviour modifications started to take place. First some rats would take more food than that consumed and place it in other places. Creating a stash. Next it was observed that aggression increased as the ratio increased until it was full-scale war and even death when the ratio was deemed to be excessively high.

What does this say! Our behavior is equal to that of rats? The weakest must die out? All of this with the backdrop of ALL MAJOR RELIGIONS TEACHING TOLERANCE AND ACCEPTANCE.

This leads me to the conclusion that irrespective of one being a gun-toting redneck or tree hugging liberal our behavior will always be modified by our character. Now here is the interesting thing….

Character is something which is taught from early childhood and is an indicator of your core values. The fact that our family units have disintegrated reflects directly on the lack of character we now see.

Behavior is no longer modeled in the home on an ongoing basis with the behavior being rectified by a Paternal guide (Father!) using acceptable measures of discipline or reward. So we continue to slip down the path where the murder of complete families by a member of that family no longer causes shock and disgust, but only a morbid interest.

We were not designed to develop ourselves. Out of the loving care AND discipline of a family unit I believe an individual has minimal ability of developing a loving and nurturing character.




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