More Bible 101 NT1

13 12 2012




Unlike a normal book that has a central theme and character, the New Testament has many authors with many themes and a variety of characters. Yet, there is also only one author! That is the Holy Spirit as we believe He guided all these human authors with their skills and experiences to record what we now read.

With many themes by these different authors there is still a recognizable central theme. The story of redemption of mankind.

Where sinful man can come in relationship with the Creator of all and be forgiven, while embraced into the Kingdom of God. 

When reading the NT we must always remember it is written by different authors for a particular purpose. You will note differences as well as similarities. You could read it with the purpose of discrediting it because of these differences or to be amazed by the unity of the message over centuries of it’s history.

God has purposefully used these different authors from different backgrounds and allowed the different styles to flavor this book. I would suggest you read it like eating a good stew. Savour it as the various ingredients blend to create a tasty whole that becomes filling and extremely satisfying.

Enjoy your stew!

It starts with the four Gospels. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Although Mark appears second it was the first to be written and is the most exciting and fast paced seeing the action from the hothead Peter’s view!

The word Gospel comes from the Anglo-Saxon version of the Greek “evangelion” where we get the word evangelist. Remember that they did not have news channels or TV in those days. Oh yeah, it may be obvious to you but some were not aware of this:)

Emissaries would be sent out to carry news of dramatic and vital importance like the winning of a war or a new decree. (An emissary is a person specifically sent by the King or leader to carry his instructions or decisions to the people) The Evangelion would gather at a central point and loudly call out the news. In later years we saw the same in Medieval England with the “Town Crier” calling our news.

But why were there 4 gospels covering the same period and about the same person?

When you show a complex shape to a person you need to cover all the perspectives. You need to consider from every angle to get a full view of what is being considered. This is the same with the Gospels. Each has a view written by a different person from a different viewpoint and with a different purpose.

Mark looks at actions and miracles, death and resurrection while Matthew and Luke concentrate on what was said and record the preaching of Jesus while John concentrates on the person of Jesus.

A further insightful difference is how each of the writers saw Jesus.

Mark saw Him as “the Son of Man” with Luke seeing Him as “the Savior of the world”. Matthew viewed Him as “the King of the Jews” and John as “the Son of God”!

All were right even though they looked at Him from their perspective.

As we go through this amazing book, remember that we all have a perspective, which does not necessarily make it wrong or even right. That is what is amazing about can be wrong while being right at a given time. I will try and explain at a later post but suffice it to say there are fixed “things” but is it works or faith that saves. This is the same argument that we will discuss later:)





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