Bible 101

10 12 2012





Continuing from our previous post.

In the beginning there were three persons. God, his Son and the Holy Spirit. Where they came from we do not know nor do we need to know! The Bible even tells us there will be mysteries which will be kept from us. If you lay on your back on a beautiful starry evening gathering at the stars and wonder where they come from and who made them and then but who made the one who made the stars it feels like your head will burst as you go about considering. This is not meant for you to know so what so called philosophers do is make up stories (called theories) to explain where it all came from because they are so unsure about their future they need to rationalise it to make sense only to find it makes less sense.  That is why evolution is still only a theory because it has never been proven and will never be proven to be true and that we were a ball of chemical mess which miraculously decided to combine and become a living something which them advanced to multiply and become something better until we ended up where we are now! 


Personally I find it easier to believe my God spoke everything into existence.

That is what the Bible says. God spoke all into existence and the first man was Adam and from Adam He made a partner called Eve. Lucifer was an angel who was over all the worship in heaven. He was jealous of the admiration that God was getting and wanted some for himself and therefore convinced a number of angels to join him. He, and the angels were banished to earth from heaven.

When Adam and Eve were in the garden he fooled them into believing that they too could be like God. (that was exactly what he had tried and why he was banished to earth) They therefore ate of the food against the instruction of God given for their own good. Remember they could have anything they wanted with that as the only exception!

That was the first sin and the reason i went into it in a bit more depth than necessary is that we understand that from this point we are all always born into sin of our fathers and Adam was the first father.

Therefore understand that we are all born into sin. In religious language we call it our fallen state.

God saw this and from before time he put a plan into action to save us because He loves us and always has and always will. It is his nature and he is unchanging. The plan started with a fellow called Abraham who lived in a village not far from the garden of Eden where Adam and Eve lived. In modern day it is in a village called Ur in what is now known as Iraq (Mesopotamia) close to the present day Basrah. Ur was a city of education and archeological digs have shown an impressive library in the day of Abraham. He was therefore an educated man.

He left for Haran where he spent a few years until his Father died. He left Ur because God had asked him to and told him that nations would arise from him. His comfortable life would be exchanged for living in a tent and not owning property! He did it!

Abraham left with Lot and traveled to what we know as Israel where he was told his descendants would possess the land.  Remember that Abraham had no child at this stage so it took a lot of belief to drive him on!

God told him that his descendants would be strangers in a foreign land and be mistreated for 400 years but these inhabitants will be punished. This was Egypt! Genealogy teaches us that Abraham had a child Isaac and Isaac had a son called Jacob and from Jacob came Joseph. Joseph was the one with the multi-colored cloak that the broadway hit is about. Joseph and the amazing technicolor coat…yes this is the same one!

His brothers were jealous of him and sold him into slavery where he was carried off to Egypt where he rose through the ranks to become the second most powerful man in Egypt when famine struck the region. Jacob sent his sons to try and get food from Egypt where he heard they had supplies. (read the story in Genesis 12, 13, 14 and just continue because it is a great story)

The rest to be followed soon…:)






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