Bible 101 (3)

10 12 2012

full-of-happiness-and-joyWe were with Moses in the desert at our last post!

We then had David who came along and did many incredible exploits including having Uriah killed because he fell in love with BATHSHEBA. If you recall in an earlier post we wrote about how we are all filled with sin and must fight it. Well, this was a fight that David lost until he was reminded by God that even what is done in darkness will be uncovered and the prophet came over and asked him directly what he had done. The fantastic thing about David is that he was a man after Gods own heart. He immediately repented and asked forgiveness.

I want to move on if I may. and recommend that you read the bible yourself. Read the book of Isaiah as it is a reflection of the complete bible. It has the same amount of chapters as the bible has books and they are even split in “Old Testament” and New Testament” sections as the bible is. Even more fascinating the scenes are even reflected as well.So much for co-incidence. The Bible is indeed a book directed by the Holy Spirit and as it is, is perfect!After Isaiah we have some amazing stories and encouraging pieces from what is called the minor Prophets. Minor Prophets does not mean lesser prophets as they have important pieces to add to this intriguing book called the Bible. We have Israel taken into slavery again to a far off land of Babylon and the eventual return with the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem by Nehemiah. Look at the book of Daniel. You will see many references to the end times and fascinating stories.

Amos and Jonah with the story of the whale is followed by Micah and Nahum who lived in the Assyrian period where they came down ravishing lands and were the main power. This is all backed outside the Bible by history as well. Eventually Nineveh falls and we move to Zephaniah who lived 640-609 years before Christ.  Do not be confused with a very similar name of Zechariah who lived 540 BC and started prophesying about 2 months after Haggai.In chapters 9 to 14 he tells of the coming Jesus (Messiah) and that is where I would like to take up the story. I am careful not to let you think this should be ignored as it must not. The bible is a whole and no section is more important than the other. The last book of the OT is Malachi who lived about 500 years before Jesus. So there was a silence of about 500 years!

The New testament starts with the book of Matthew. Matthew was one of the twelve disciples.  We will look with a little more depth and take a deeper travel into what is happening in the next posts.





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