True Joy

20 11 2012


I have had such a great time lately being distanced from my family and friends as I prepare the next adventure of our life 1485 Km away from my family. What do you mean, “great time away from your family”. Well, I have been made to understand what the words, “True joy” really mean.

What is true joy then? This is difficult to put into words because True Joy is not only a state of being but a mixture of things.

Let me explain;

  • True Joy is a deep satisfaction. That satisfaction comes from my knowing that this separation is only temporarily and that my family loves me through the continued contact made by SMS and email. They think of me and care.
  • True Joy is a contentment. The opposite of contentment is of course regret, As I think of the situation and my life I am overwhelmed by the grace and mercy of our God as He continues to lead us daily and protect us.
  • True joy is a continued state of health and safety. As I get older I understand the need to be healthy. I have at my ripe old age of 56 taken up Baseball again:) Yeah it’s stupid i know but I am good at it and the intention was to only coach until I threw a few balls around! The team has done surprisingly well but last Saturday our pitcher was up-country and I was asked to help and pitch for two frames. Oh dear the price of vanity. I did and thought it was great…gave away 3 runs but we also made 3 runs…yet, I can hardly walk as every muscle hurts!
  • True Joy is the return and response of love unquestioningly. Our dog, Belton (named after the town we lived in Missouri) adores me. I am definitely the pack leader in his life. I feed him! That explains it.                                                                                                               He gets something and needs it from me and hence I am the center of his being. ImageThe life of a dog. My wife loves me and continues to let me know in small ways that I am still her hero even at this age! She does not need anything from me and is a powerful and well-balanced woman with a great self-image and an attitude typical of the Dutch! Yet, she lets me know I am the world to her. As she does that I understand True joy and respond by letting her know she is my reason of existence as well and so we feed each other and grow closer in our mature years. Uncluttered by ego we can simply love deeply.
  • True joy is an absolute conviction of the future. As I grow older and wonder about the end…and I don’t want to sound weird but there is no concern for me. As a believer and lover of Jesus I have seen and experienced too much I cannot explain to doubt the absolute truth of Christianity. I have heard many arguments by our Atheist friends and others who are deeply hurt. I understand the pain but what they are expressing is their choices and consequences and not the nature of the God they so rile against. My experience has been the opposite…not without hurt and pain and many questions but as I surrendered and allowed Him they became insignificant or went away. I don;t even know which but they no longer exist and I now live where I wonder when and if things are going to go “bump” in the night because it is as though I have had this great life for so many years and I hear of others and the challenges and wonder. But True joy overwhelms me as I simply keep serving and loving Him! The knowledge slowly dawns that He is the cause and purpose and originator of this True joy I experience in so many ways but all emanating from Him.

I pray you too find True joy!




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