True Hunger

18 11 2012

Jesus Saves

Luke 4:1-4

Jesus had not eaten for 40 days when Satan urged him to turn the stones into bread. This was a simple thing for Him. Yet, His hunger after God was more than even the physical hunger He was experiencing. Therefore He could claim to the devil,” it is written, Man shall not live by Bread alone”.

It is important to note how Jesus came against the devil even in the weakest of times for Him.

  1.  He had gained spiritual power by fasting.Putting the physical body under the authority of His will.
  2. Quoting the Word. It is not what He could do, but what the fixed rules already existing as in the Word dictated.
  3. He spoke it out. Often we pray in silence or in our thoughts. He spoke it audibly as Satan and his followers cannot read minds so to enter into opposition it needs to be spoken out audibly!

When we instruct or command something, then surely it must be vocally audible. The person being instructed must be able to hear the instruction. Remember, that it is only God that can know your thoughts. Satan definitely cannot ! So, if we go into spiritual warfare we must audibly instruct. Otherwise it has little effect, as the one we address in the spiritual realms (our war is not against flesh but against the powers and principalities) and under our authority cannot read our thoughts.

We need to speak out against the bindings in the spirit in faith and audibly!

Lastly, He used authority. Not His own – even though He had all the authority, but that of the very Word of God. This is the most powerful weapon in the World. It is this same Word that established the universe and all you know and see.

When all was created – God spoke it into being – the spoken word of God has immense power. The thought and meditated Word of God has power, but it is different in that it is for self and for upliftment and building of faith while we are here speaking of warfare!

For warfare and victorious living the Word must be spoken audibly.

I would recommend you start a habit of reading the Word aloud and memorising scripture if you REALLY want your spiritual life to change.




One response

3 12 2012
Mallory Conley

There are two things that really stuck out to me from this.
First, “Jesus came against the devil even in the weakest of times for Him.” Although Jesus was perfect and never failed, this phrase gives me hope and strength for when I’m experiencing tough times. Because I have Jesus in me, I too, can also go against the devil in my weakest times. Makes me think of the verse, “for when I am weak, then I am strong.”
And secondly, about speaking aloud. I’ve always known that only God can know my thoughts but it didn’t really dawn on me that the devil can’t until I read this. I usually don’t speak aloud. Most of the times my prayers and such are in my head. It was a good reminder that speaking them aloud is better when rebuking the devil.

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