The story of Bathsheba

18 11 2012

Spiritual laziness made David vulnerable to sin!

2 Sam 11:1-4

In Israel there were “times of battle”. It was when circumstances of weather allowed for warfare to be undertaken. It was springtime and the weather was pleasant and warm. David had been enjoying victories and had no pressing concerns. Yet he sent Joab out even though he was present at the previous battles (2 Sam 10:17)

Could this have been arrogance as God was with him and not Joab…

David’s kingdom was doing well but personally he was not. Lastly, all able-bodied men were at war yet David was not!

Now let us set the scene to better understand the way sin creeps up on us unsuspecting …

Satan is fully able to arrange events to tempt us. (2 Sam 11:2) David did not plan anything in particular and was simply roaming around as there were no men to deal with or any pressing issues as his people were out at war!

The palace was higher than all the surrounding areas and buildings.

Temptation has power to make us spiritually bind. He sees Bathsheba and watches. Yes, he does not look away or walk away but stays and looks. As King, he has absolute power. He calls a servant (11:3) and plans to meet this woman (11:4)

Adultery takes place and he has fallen into sin.

That is how easy it is. So, how do we avoid sin.

Mat 26:41  All of you must stay awake and pray that you won’t be tempted. The spirit is indeed willing, but the body is weak.”

There are those who had greater challenges than that of David.

Gen 39:12  so she grabbed Joseph by his outer garment and demanded “Let’s have some sex!” Instead, Joseph ran outside, leaving his outer garment still in her hand

Here Joseph was in a worse situation than David was!Sin has a habit of spinning out of control.

From looking and actioning what was in the mind by arranging a meeting and then acting out the lust in the mind it spiralled out of control!

2 Sam 11:5  The woman conceived, and she sent this message to David: “I’m pregnant.”

Like Peter, David was also to deny and cover up what he had done 3 times.

Mat 26:34  Jesus told him, “I tell you with certainty, before a rooster crows this very night, you will deny me three times.”

  1. David summons Uriah home
  2. Tries to get Uriah and Bathsheba to get together and have sex. (11:6-8)
  3. It unfortunately for David does not work. (11:10-11)

His servant has more honor than he does. Uriah was a man with a sense of duty and honor. Seeing this is not working David tries to get him drunk. (11:12-13)

Davids self-image is challenged as he does not want people to know that he abused one of his warriors and especially one that is so honorable by abusing his wife while he was serving David. Note that he was not concerned about Bathsheba or about his servant Uriah but only about himself and his sin!

He knew these actions would be seen to be despicable and dishonorable and especially after Uriah has been so honorable.

He finally arranges to have Uriah killed (2Sam 11:14-15)

It happens at great cost (11:18-21) and David is content (11:25)

2Sa 11:18  Then Joab sent word to David about everything that had happened at the battle.
2Sa 11:19  He instructed the courier, “When you have finished conveying all the news about the battle to the king,
2Sa 11:20  if the king starts to get angry and asks you, ‘Why did you get so near the city to fight? Didn’t you know they would shoot from the wall?
2Sa 11:21  Who killed Jerubbesheth’s son Abimelech? Didn’t a woman kill him by throwing an upper millstone on him from the wall at Thebez? Why did you go so close to the wall?’ then tell him, ‘Your servant Uriah the Hittite also died.'”

2Sa 11:25  David responded to the messenger, “Here’s what you’re to tell Joab: ‘Don’t be troubled by this incident, because the battle sword consumes one or another from time to time. Consolidate your attack against the city and conquer it.’ Be sure to encourage him.”

After mourning the appointed time in Israel custom David and Bathsheba marry and a son is born. Uriah was Davids best warrior and Bathsheba the daughter of Eli-ab, the son of his royal counsellor, Ahibophel. But,…Davids conscience was hardened and a year went by with no sign of regret. Sin hardens us! God exposes Davids secret when Nathan the prophet is used to expose this sin.

What are we to learn from this?

Sin cannot be manipulated away and will reap the effects of sin. Sin `draws in other “victims”. Therefore it is best to avoid sin from the outset and hence the words of the Word that we are to meditate on the Word becomes vitally important.




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