2 03 2012

Materialism is not just wrong, it’s stupid!
The dictionary defines materialism as, “a theory that physical matter is the only fundamental reality and that all being and processes and phenomena can be explained as manifestations of matter”.
Let us be clear. Materialism is not a way of living but a religion where possession of matter is the end goal.

The aim of materialism is not developing intellectual capacity or increasing spiritual well-being but simply to fulfil the goal of possessing or owning material.

To simplify …a materialist attaches the wrong price tag to the things of the world. In fact, they mostly don’t even have a price tag. The mistake is that these “things” are created  by God and are His possessions and not that of the materialist. The Materialist will die, but the matter will continue and therefore, besides the theological concept even the physical and material concept makes possession a very temporary joy.

Materialism is a value of the heart. What you see and envy or desire you want and what you want you are driven to possess.

We were created to love one another and use things given for us to have authority over. Note I say authority and not possession. We are stewards of goods and not possessors of the goods or material.

Materialists love things and use people. We are what is called “Consumers” and have been dehumanized to the extent that we are simply statistics to be considered when planning a marketing drive or release of a new product.We are simply economic units of value for a company to consider our contribution to profits tendencies can be correctly identified using the available data at hand even if that data is collected unbeknown to you.

These products will be marketed if there is a sufficient profit margin irrespective if it is addictive, causes o(which is the number one killer in western society)or is a serious health hazard.

This is enhanced when we teach our children we originate from animals. Surely if we are animals it must be OK! We can then behave like animals and have the same ethics as animals….none. Actually that is wrong because animals have a strict code of conduct dependant on their place in society.

There are biblical warnings to consider:

Joshua 7 (Achan)

Numbers 22;4-35 (Balaam)

Judges 16 (Delilah)

God will not allow materialism in his church (Luke 12:15




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