Amphictyony : Greek: ἀμφικτυονία

5 09 2011

Amphictyony : Greek: ἀμφικτυονία

Although this derives from the ancient Greek city/states where individual leadership was required until the concept of unity of groups was developed, it caused continuous mini wars and fear. In the time of the Judges in the old testament the same effect came about. The nation of Israel continued to fall into the habits of those they did not drive out after the period of Joshua. These were the Canaanites. As the Israelites fell into the traditions of the Canaanites (and therefore sin) it inevitably went bad until a “Judge” (leader) was raised. This leader was a military individual (Even Deborah had a military viewpoint even though she was a prophetess). It would go well for a period until the same problem arose. After the peace and well-being brought about by Joshua the time of Judges and Ruth was of turmoil and continual upheaval with war and strife continuously. The war was not only with the Canaanites, but also among themselves on many occasions.

What has this to do with Zuma and our present day.

Well, the word Amphictyony warns that in the absence of strong and decisive leadership there will be anarchy and war. The emergence of a Julius Malema will not end with him being restricted or sidelined. The leadership (or lack thereof) of President Zuma creates a new Julius Malema in some form as the vacuum created must be filled and we follow the example of the easy way out (Idol worship of Canaanites). In our modern day the new idol is the RangeRover and BMW obtained through tender funding.

There is indeed nothing new under the sun and this pattern will continue in various forms until we get our moral compass right with strong and just leadership.

Politics, leadership, religion, morals and integrity are all interwoven and cannot be separated as each individually affects the others. Therefore when discussing politics both religion and morals must also be discussed simultaneously. For example, the judgment of Roe vs. Wade in the US did not change the fact that abortion is sin. What it did was make our moral degradation and lack of value of life “official” and acceptable. The people had changed and this allowed the political decisions to change, not the truth and moral integrity. Therefore we still have fights concerning this aspect today and will continually have these fights until the moral compass is rectified.

You may ask “whose moral compass”? Throughout time and through all cultures a certain value of integrity has been held and is still held. These values include a dislike for something like abortion. (Great was my surprise when in China and hearing the view of the people [not the official government view] against abortion irrespective if the child was to be male or female. All cultures have an intrinsic view of what is right or wrong, but bends to the enforcement and manipulation of beliefs by whoever is in power. Therefore there is a guide of moral values and integrity within every culture. It is not necessarily the view of the government but simply complied with.

Considering this, it saddens me that we have a weak leadership who on every occasion bends to the will of political correctness and expediency rather than moral correctness and justice. The God of self-preservation and greed overcomes all resistance. The only reason I consider this so abhorrent is because it is done under this sheen of Christian beliefs.
These are definitely not Christian beliefs.
We must stop calling our nation a Christian nation until we recognize the teachings of the Bible as our only guideline in decision making. This being said, I pray for our nation and its leaders.




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