Doing the right thing at the wrong time a lesson from Cat Stevens

30 05 2011

Consider these words from Cat Stevens, “How can I try to explain, when I do he turns away again, it’s always been the same, same old story. From the moment I could talk I was ordered to listen… now there’s a way and I know I have to go away…I know I have to go!”

The lament of a young man responded to by the Sage, “It’s not time to make a change, just sit down, take it slowly you’re still young that’s your fault there’s so much you have to go through…find a girl settle down if you want you can marry look at me I am old but I’m happy!”

As I considered this dialogue and tried to find the truth in it I discovered there is both truth and lies inter-woven.

The lack of respect from the young man wanting to continually air his views and when unable to walk away while the old man expects the young dynamic man to act in his old and satiated manner!

That is life. We need to adapt to all expectations while understanding where we are in the path of life. There is a time for everything as Solomon reminds us. We are also expected to control out desires and emotions. It was this lack of control which drove the Roman Pagans into oblivion. When your desires and needs drive your existence you have a problem which cannot be scratched because not only does the itch continually change but the situation of the itch also continually changes.

When you make something as fleeting as emotional feel good your God you know you are in deep trouble because that God will continually demand your response to any and all urges!

Do you recognise our present generation in this picture? Running after experiences which cannot be attained in any sense of sustainable feeling. The growth of sex and the industry around it is what has caught my attention. Of course we saw it coming! It creeps up so slow and deceptively that you hardly notice it but when you open a newspaper and find that 13 year olds are having sex once a week and 16 year olds 2-3 times a WEEK you know we are in serious trouble.

The problem is not the obvious which is the sex act! That is the symptom of something much larger. The lack of love in a family unit!!!!!

Where is your son or daughter looking for acceptance and how are they going about it?

Let’s be clear, sex outside of the maturity of marriage (maturity because I accept at that age when you can decide to share your life with someone you should be mature enough to understand the consequences) is nothing but trouble. How do we expect a child to deal with the abuse and lack of deeper commitment which only reinforces the concept of a loveless life. Then I read the “mature” critics stating that we “Holy Rollers” can put off the TV after a certain time and our kids should be in bed reading about the flood or something. Man, that speaks to me of someone who was really hurt with religion as I cannot ever recall my children (all adults now) having such a lifestyle.

Whatever happens at whatever time on or in a public medium should reflect what the larger group would find acceptable. No, I do not find naked news readers acceptable. I cannot see the need for someone to tell me what is happening in the world to be undressed. To therefore tell me the channel for which I pay (because it is in the package I subscribe to) must not be looked at after 22h00 is ludicrous. This to satisfy the uncontrollable desires of what I am convinced is the very vocal few.

Well, I do not believe that boycotts and all else changes the way people think. It may change what they do because of financial implications but then we have still lost the plot because it is about changing the way someone thinks and sees any issue. Compliance because of big sticks only is not compliance because then the same problem will arise somewhere else in some other fashion with more disastrous effects and a hardened heart. I do believe that if enough raise their voices indicating this is unacceptable and enter into dialogue willing to be countered as someone standing up for righteousness then slowly opinions and hearts can change. But…how much of us who proclaim Jesus see a group doing this and write them off as the lunatic fringe because they stand up for their convictions in a loving way? The key is it must be done in a loving way, clearly unambiguously but without threats or anger. One day the repercussions will be there by the only one who can see the heart and make correct decisions as to outcomes of our behavior. Go well and do the right thing at the right time!




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