Unemployment in South Africa

26 05 2011

We have an enormous problem concerning work or better stated, the lack of work in South Africa. What interests me is our approach to this problem.

We have initiated Setas and try to enforce employment in the already saturated mature market while the glut is increased every year by young folk who cannot find employment. our -political stance is slowly drowning us.

The result is that when a young excited individual leaves school and considers the path for his life there is no path and he/she must take whatever there is to survive. Guess what that normally is! You are right…criminal activities involving drugs, prostitution and robbery. The rationale being we must do something to survive!

You may now say it is easy to criticize but what is the solution? Is there a solution? I believe there definitely is! The problem is that there is not one solution but a number of solutions that must be considered.

A combination of finding “something” to do to capture the youth leaving school into an environment they can productively be used and develop a skill be it from teams working on the highways from cleaning it to considering structure to developing signage suitable for the area or for that matter ensuring the signage is not an obstruction or is not obstructed. This is one small area and has to do with a microcosm of business. You learn skills from Construction, Botany, Marketing and traffic flows for Town Planning.  If 90% leave after 6 months that is great as it would mean that they know better what they do not want to do.

Here is my suggestion! For a number f years I have delivered a program called Entrepreneurship Development Program. This is aimed at school leavers. You see, we believe in attacking the unemployment problem before it strikes!

We are geared to grades 9 to 12 and teach the youth how to consider business and consider an area of interest for them. This is called “Conceptualisation”. How to develop a concept for a business. We teach them how to find areas of need and track trends to devise a business concept.

Once they have decided on a track we need to formalise the thinking. This is called Formalisation! We simply use the structure of the Business Plan to ensure the concept has financial viability. Using Financial projections and a Marketing plan we can soon see if our concept holds water or is leaking all over the place! Unfortunately this is where over 97% of people stop! They do not get the idea going and the feet on the ground!Therefore we use Project Management principles in establishing the business and call it Actualization!

When you use Time Lines and Action Plans the process takes a life of its own and before you know it there is a small enterprise which can sustain you! To us the biggest thrill is seeing how surprised the participants are! Many start things because they must and are surprised when it fails but should not be because they were not correctly motivated and did not have ALL the skill sets required. The most interesting is that the final deciding factor is not the skill sets but the MIND SET!

Once we attack the mind-set with a Barrack Obama “WE CAN” attitude while ensuring the skill set is given through process methodologies we find that success becomes its own monster! Once the initial success is tasted our prime function is to restrain the syndicate members who now want to take on the world. The need for research is dulled by the taste of success. One must allow this pending failure if need be as it is a strong experience for the rest of their lives!

Without thought, expectation, research and financial viability testing you can seldom make a success!

I invite anyone who would be interested in exploring entrepreneurship for beginners to feel free and contact me. I would love to see hundreds of small enterprises blooming:)




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