Is Jesus real?

26 05 2011

Being immersed in the Christian and/or religious environment is great, yet it is dangerous and can cause much harm if you are not careful. Today i want to talk to those who KNOW the Lord Jesus and not as I usually do to those who do not know Him!

I am talking to all of us who believe we have a good understanding of our Lord and Savior and cannot fully fathom what all the hullabaloo is about the Oprah phenomenon and the end of the world characters.Well the problem is we get so ensconced in our comfortable world and have so much support from various structures that we tend not to recognise the larger portion of the world in fact does not believe what you believe. Now before you get completely shocked let me say that it is OK! It is unfortunate but there is little that you can do about it but to continue loving them as they are and where they are!

I had the occasion where a young man wanted to marry one of our young ladies and he was a Christian. In meeting with him I found that his belief of who and what Jesus is, is very and I mean very different from my view of Jesus.

He had the view that what you do is OK as long as you clear it with the Ancestors who are with Jesus and that will make it all OK!

Firstly, “Ancestors”! That is not in my understanding and then they will clear it with Jesus on my behalf??? Is this an eternal and heavenly bribing mechanism?

Needless to say we had to have many discussions to clarify a number of issues. The sad thing was that this is actually easy as the person did not have a strong spiritual view anyhow!

That is like talking to the average European about Being a believer. Note, I purposefully do not say a Christian,  or talk about religion, because my experience says they all mean different things depending on who you are talking to.

A Catholic is very religious and is driven by the methodology of “Doing church”. It does not mean that they have a relationship with Jesus who is the only conduit to God the Father as stated in the bible. It also des not mean that the aspect of “above all else, love!” has a meaning to them. They perform the functions as taught to them through the ages without believing. I have found that few even read the bible for themselves so how are they to know or discern the truth?

In Uzbekistan I met a young lady with a cross around her neck and when queried she assured me she was a Christian. In joy agreeing that it is good to know Jesus she replied, “who?”. She had not heard of this person and did not know Him. All the religious trappings were there but the purpose of the trappings were absent.

So, what am I going on about? Well let me tell you. The last we need do is be like all else and condemn those talking about the “end times” as recently happened here in South Africa or turn our backs on those who have been lied to over the years by “form religion” without relationship with Jesus. We are to lovingly refer to the real authority. The Bible which holds the truth. When we do this try to not have accusation in your voice but love and offering. If it is not accepted that is OK! You have done what is required. You have used the Word for correction but you cannot convince or convict anyone!

Good luck to you for those you meet and be blessed in His name.




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