travel from South Africa to Greece

26 01 2011

In may 2012 we will be using an old Jeep to travel from Pretoria, South Africa to Corinth and Ephesia in Greece! “Why”, you may call out in disbelief, “would you want to go in an old Jeep and travel up some of the most inhospitable terrain to Greece?”

Why not, I would reply! Actually there is more to it than that so let me elaborate.

Two years ago there was this “Mighty Man” and “Turn to God” movement in South Africa. A number of religious leaders were invited to walk the perimeter of south africa and establish a curtain of prayer around our country. I was one of the Pastors doing this walk and we chose what I think was the best but the longest route from Port Nolloth on the West Coast down until Langebaan in the Cape. This is rather inhospitable terrain in itself as well but incredible scenery and I was especially blessed to have the greatest walking companions in Hendrik Saayman who we knew from our Windhoek Namibia days through our Kansas City period to here in Pretoria and a number of other weird and wonderful characters!

The route was over 800 Km and had to be walked in 5 days!

This year a new vision has grown out of this experience has come about called the Fire Trail. See for further details. 

As the prayer curtain is drawn over South Africa we have been inspired to take this a level further.

Historically, Cecil John Rhodes dreamt of the British Empire stretching from Cape to Cairo and it has always been a dream to connect these two posts together and a railway was built (but never completed) to establish this bridge. We have the same dream! The difference is that we dream of a spiritual connection from Cape to Cairo where ALL men can live in peace and experience the joy of knowing the living God.   

Africa’s Achilles heel of greed and corrupted power need be broken and we believe it will not be broken by a rod but by love. To be part of the outpouring of love we believe a blanket of prayer is the pre cursor to all and therefore we want to go on this “pilgrimage” trip covering in prayer every country and area we are close to. That starts with South Africa through Zimbabwe , Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt. Crossing over to the Mid-East we will go through Jordan to Turkey and then to Greece where we want to end with visits to places the supreme missionary visited, Corinth and Ephesia..

Along the way a number of things are planned including prayer at the top of the highest point in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro!    

We will be needing help to successfully do this! We believe that prayer is the start of all things and therefore as you sit can you just commit a few words to our Lord who hears all and every prayer will be answered. We ask that our health be considered as well as funding. (Remember, we are not young men anymore going on an exciting jaunt! We are older men going on an exciting jaunt:))

We look forward to hearing from you with suggestions, warnings, encouragement or simply as we are apt to have just remarks on the state of our sanity will also be considered.




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