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27 12 2010

For regular readers of this post you may not be aware that we in fact have an alter ego 🙂

 Besides loving Jesus and working with those He loves, we are also involved in our own business. The reason I advise this is that we have been asked as a Pastor, how much do I get from the church! This is an interesting concept because there is nothing wrong with receiving funding from the church. In fact, Paul says that “the worker deserves his wage” and he further states that you may not “let the sun go done on your payment”.

Strong words encouraging the mass for the upkeep of those busy with ministering and therefore unable to “earn” their upkeep in a normal manner.  There is a blessing in the supply of funding and goods for the saints. By this I do not only mean the Spiritual leaders, but also simply those loving the Lord. If we had good stewardship of our income and loved enough to give as we would like to receive, then there would never be an argument considering tithing or any funding aspects of the church.  Let me clarify where I stand. I do not receive anything from the church as I have been blessed to have a business background and like Paul I earn my keep and can afford to bless others. That is not because I am great in any way, but because of the blessing of the Lord exclusively!

When we first went to the mission field, we joined a large international mission organisation and were instructed on how to get support for taking my whole family into the mission field. Initially, I resisted having been brought up by parents who had a strong value for work. Only when reprimanded in a loving manner by a dear friend I reconsidered. I had difficulty explaining how demeaning it actually is to go to friends and ask for money… Man that is difficult! The reason is not because it would not come in handy but, rather that of being filled with vanity. That truth struck me deeply. It is our pride that needs to be broken. That is why we should humble ourselves and go to friends expressing a need for the body of supporting each other.

It was still a hard ask and believe me now after 28 years it is still hard! We left for the mission field when the Rand/Dollar exchange rate was 16/1 so as you can see that in itself was murder. We had two “supporters” and we left as a family of five to the United States for our training.

Today, we still have a good level of life and have returned to South Africa where we Pastor churches and do teachings as well as drive my business of management consultation and recruitment. This pays some of the bills and therefore we need no funding from the “Church”, although the tithing principle is strictly adhered to. What is interesting is that it is not driven by us but, by the congregation! They insist on full tithing and for our church it is 100%, which in itself is remarkable.

The next question would be fascinating but, what do you do with the money? We support a number of young folk from leaving rural environments (completing studies from obtaining matric to college level) funding education and all costs for living. (accommodation/ food/ transport). What has fascinated me is how those who cannot afford have gone out and support others.

We support our Pastors in the rural areas with necessities as well as provide training for the growth and development of their ministries.

Learning from these experiences we have developed a program called, “Management Development Program” geared to train school leavers how to look at business and before they leave school to initiate a small business. This prevents then falling into the unemployment trap and getting sucked into criminality and prostitution.

We believe it is too late to take those already unemployed and exposed to criminality and teach them business practices (although it can be done quite easily) and therefore try to attend to the volume of school children before they fall into this trap. We teach them how to use minimum capital (mostly sweat labor) to establish a business in your own environment by observing the environment and determining needs and wants. We use an Africa developed scenario developed in Uzbekistan for third world countries as most other models require some sophistication and capital normally above the means of the individual. We therefore also use principles of Ubuntu (the larger unit is the family and assist each other) to assist in the establishment of a business.

The success has been stupendous proving to us that knowledge and capital are not the restrictions in business establishment. Our experience shows that perseverance and support are the factors determining success or not.

To sum up! If you consider serving God, He will provide your needs. There are a number of ways of going about it. You can go on “support” where your friends and the body you have relationship with andertake to fund you. You can establish a business that you can take with you or that generates “passive” income on which you can live.

Where you are you can charge for teachings and trainings as long as it has value and does not compromise what you should be doing in the first place.




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