Humanity and Political Correctness

23 11 2010

Waiting my turn to make payment at the car wash I noted that some objects were gone. The pocket knife with multi-tools that my son always carried in the car (it was his car I had washed) was gone. I started to look around and yes…the money used for parking, tolls and car attendants was also gone as was the Cellphone charger.

Immediately you would say, “what an idiot to leave all that in a car going for a wash”! Well that was not the intention. I had dropped my car off at the garage owned by a very good friend who prided the service and has many times told me how pleased he was with his team as they have never had something stolen. I had taken my car there a number of times and can confirm this as correct.

So how come it was stolen? In wanting to bless me they took the car for a wash to the car wash next door. When going to point this out to the Manageress of the Car wash and garage I was recommended to a faded board at the entrance stating that no responsibility was taken for loss or damage of goods. That may be acceptable but if you have a business catering to a client who by the nature of your business cannot be at his asset then there must be a certain amount of responsibility taken. To me the key was that she would not even point it out to the staff. When enquiring i was told “what can I as a white woman do with all these black men”.

Wow! That really caught me off guard. What does your sex or race to do with your management of the business. If you have been appointed to a position of authority and do not have authority it is because you have allowed it to be taken by simply not being real and consistent.

In our training of managers I often see this phenomenon of how factors “out of our control” actually control a business. Well, folks, it is in your control and you can stop being so correct and understanding that nothing can be done as well as politically correct to the extent where bad and poor behavior is condoned and therefore even encouraged.  

There was a time when underperforming persons were told they are not meeting the standards expected and the onus is on them to shape up. As a business you are willing to supply the tools (that’s where people like us come in) or they must find the tools to change behavior immediately.

The behavior is then tracked and feedback given in which it is started if the change is satisfactory or not. The key to look for is if the incumbent has bought in to the need for change or…

There is the story of the little girl who was running in the church and simply having fun. The service was about to start and her mother filled with embarrassment grabbed her by her arm and instructed her to sit and to stay sitting. The little girl sat next to her mother and slowly a broad smile filled her face. Her mother glanced down and saw the smile. “What are you smiling about”, she asked perplexed.

She looked up and softly said, “my outside might be sitting, but inside I am still running around”.

Often we are like that and our behavior is modified, but that is not what we want. At a point this will cause the Vesuvius effect by exploding and catching all unsuspecting and years afterward as tourists look at the damage they will ask, “how did this happen”? You do not see the pressure building up and that is what excessive political Correctness does as it is not taking into account reality of pent-up frustration and lack of righteousness! This is a biblical term but all of us have this to an extent although we will not always admit it. We have a sense of right and wrong. We choose to subdue this and behavior in a fashion we believe is acceptable.

The problem with this is that there is no fixed pattern of behavior! expectations change with the desires of individuals and are mostly driven by their own greed expectations so you will continually be forced to change your behavior dependant on the situation. Quite a dilemma! What now happens over time in that you have changed your behavior so many times you no longer have a sense of righteousness which is what is caused by the “humanities’. This slippery path leads you further down the path of implosion and the essence of “humanity” actually originates from the ancient Roman Pagan belief system where your body is a “god” and it’s desires must be met. Hence orgies and over indulgence of all sorts was an accepted practice.

We were born withy a desire to seek our Maker. We were also born with an innate good quality of love and care to nurture. Our childhood training from our parents entrenches and enhances this or destroys it and damages this innate nature of all. (The Buddhists seek this perfect peace as do the Hindus still seek this “nirvana” and you may recall even the Beatles tried to find this place of perfect peace.)

What has happened is that your peace and innate qualities you were born with has been damaged and replaced by lies. The lies come in the form of statements claiming what you feel or know to be true is not so and alternatives are given.

“You can’t help everyone” is a popular lie. You are not called to help everyone only those you are led to help! Everyone is immense and impossible but the guy on the corner is immediate and the little girl crying is there where even you can hear her. The cry is a call for help. Her soul is being damaged by the lies of life ripping away what was instilled in her from the very beginning. Her rape is because “all men are like that and you must be careful”. That is not true. Why don;t we as men stand up and speak out against this evil and call it for what it is and in our private circles condemn it…when our friends mention what a beautiful girl passes by and what they would like to do to speak out and say…NO!   That is what animals do. We are to respect each other.

That does not mean that sex and passion is not allowed. On the contrary…it is very highly valued and recommended…within your married environment.

Come on men. Stand up and be the leaders we are called to be. We are to set the tone of our families and not the tone of the pub after a game.




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