Has the Roman Empire ceased to be?

23 11 2010

In the Old Testament Daniel is asked to declare the dream of the statue made of various metals and eventually with feet of clay. These indicate the various kingdoms. We know of the great Kingdoms like the Roman Empire, The Chinese dynasties, The Mongolian Hordes who dominated Asia under Genghis Khan only to collapse unde Teman the “lame one”.

Which Kingdoms does this prophecy in a dream refer to? The Roman Kingdom is always mentioned and then in a manner that it has declined and ceased to exist.

I would like to argue that it has never ceased to exist and is alive today through the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church.  

This is important as it would refer to the rest of the prophecies and the timelines to calculate the coming end of the world. Man, that is a mouthful! Firstly, the only reason it should be of interest to you is to encourage you to seek the Lord more urgently and if you are a believer to help those condemned to an eternity of pain and sorrow to find their way to Him.

When you read this as a non-believer the first impulse is…Oh no, another Nutter who has found a blog site! Please read on as this is the very reason you are here on earth. If you think you were born to spend 60-70 years or however much to procrastinate and work or party you have the wrong idea of your purpose here. Yes, there is a purpose. It is a “preparation” stage or could we call it a preliminary stage to enter eternity and heaven.   God had tried before by creating the Angels but as you know greed and a desire to share in the adoration led Lucifer to be cast out. God tried again by creating  Adam and giving him free will as God had to cast out Lucifer for going against the “Law”. I would not know how to state this otherwise as God cannot lie and what He speaks into existence is “law”.

He was therefore forced to deal with Lucifer as He was forced to deal with mankind through Adam we have “inherited” this sin and must be punished for it. But…because He is merciful and filled with grace He brought His own Son into the world and had Him spend a lifetime on earth to experience our challenges, pain and enticements. By His overcoming he has corrected the judgement to come by allowing those who call on His name to share in everlasting eternal life with Him.

To ensure the same mistake is not made He uses our time on earth to “screen” us and one day He will sit on His judgment seat and look at not on;ly our actions but our thoughts and intentions as well because “nothing” will be hidden.

Then He will grant us entrance to either Heaven or we will join the other rebels like Lucifer in eternal damnation, pain both physically and mentally. Once you have died nothing can be changed concerning the future. No praying friends or parents can change your choice. It is your and only your choices that direct the path you are to follow.

Once you have entered the place your choices have placed you…Note: it is your choices which condemn you and not God! He simply directs you where your life choices and behavior has placed you. The bible indicates there are levels in Heaven where once you have accepted the name of Jesus as Your Savior you are directed to Heaven but your further actions will indicate how “good” heaven will be. You could simply miss Hell or for eternity enjoy an incredible heaven! How is this done. Well, once you have accepted Jesus there is only one thing you can bring before His throne and that is the souls of His beloved creation. When he created us He so loves us that He has a desire to spend eternity with us. It is us that holds us from accomplishing this.

We have forgotten what it means to be in hell and rather joke about it to subdue the thought to terrible to contemplate but contemplate we must! Consider the alternative! Spending eternity with Him where no pain or hurt exists. The reason is because it was screened out and removed from our hearts here on earth. That is what He si doing. Preparing those that choose Him to be worthy of being in His presence for eternity.

He is Holy, so we must be holy. He is Worthy as the Lamb of God. I pray that this will allow you to contemplate your future beyond here and now. I bless you in the name above all names, the name of Jesus Christ our Savior.




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