Upcoming Attractions

23 09 2010

Do you remember the days when you would be sitting at the cinema and they would have a serial of the lone Ranger or Roy Rogers and then have an announcement flashed over the screen of the upcoming attractions….Well that is what this is about.

After a number of years some friends of mine have at last completed an enormous project in making an animated movie! It is a Christian based movie on the Passion of Christ! As soon as I say that my mind reverts to the “Other” movie bone by Bruce Willis with the gore and innuendo’s of slinking evil in the background. This is nothing like that! This is a movie aimed at children and adults as we now see in most of these great animated movies coming out like “Up” and all the Pixar type animation studios production.

I will soon have some information and in fact will be viewing a private showing here in Pretoria where it will have its SA release simultaneously with the US release.  I believe we have been objected to so many poor quality and undervalued productions in the Christian environment that it is time that we have something dealing with a very difficult subject in a manner that the broader society can participate. The key is that it would illicit questions or remarks and we need be ready to field the right response but….most importantly in the right attitude.

The release is set for February 2011 and the title is being kept a secret till closer to the date. Looking forward to letting you know the details!




2 responses

9 10 2010

I would really like to let my grandchildren see your movie – btw, it was’t Bruce Willis in the Passion, it was Mel Gibson 🙂 but then I haven’t seen it either so maybe it was some other fundamentalist, anti-semitic, break away catholic.

16 11 2012

Ruth I love your sly humor….how are you doing in the cold wet oh well you chose to move there:)

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