Is having wealth wrong?

1 09 2010

Is having possessions and wealth wrong? Most certainly not! We see in the bible that there were many who were blessed with abundant wealth. Like Abraham and eventually Job as well!

 It is not about what you have, but what you do with it, and your attitude towards wealth that makes the difference.

As we strive after that better job and the smarter car, while making sure you live in the right neighborhood and have the right size house with pool or Jacuzzi, we tend to lose grip about why we were blessed to have such wealth in the first place.

That is the problem with money…we always want more!

There is always the latest model car or upgrade of some sort we are always after.

The famed Andrew Carnegie noted that, “Millionaires seldom smiled”! Why is that do you think? I personally believe that once you have sufficient the maintenance and growth of those funds become all consuming. How do you keep it from the taxman and how best to invest with such volatile financial scenarios we see lately?

We know that most divorces state financial reasons to be the prime reason for divorce as we also know that most suicides result from financial causes. What is the power of finance over us?

Because our very being is wrapped up in our external view of people it is vitally important that we are seen to be OK and well off as that deems us to be successful and movers and shakers. Very little has to do with the true value of people and that is our character and how we treat fellow human beings.

We have recently heard of a few billionaires who have given of their wealth to assist poverty stricken groups. Firstly, if you are a billionaire and you donate $20,000,000 it is relatively little you will be “losing”. If you are a normal wage earner like a good friend ion our church who cuts hair for a living and earns about R15,000 per month yet tithes R1800 then you are “losing” considerably more. The bible put it quite succinctly when it was remarked about the wealthy who give compared to the widow who offered two mites which was all she had. (Mark 12: 41-44) What is particularly interesting is that it says Jesus placed himself close so that he could observe what they are put into the offering box.  He then observed that the poor widow put in more than all the others COMBINED even though they had put in large amounts!

What are you putting into the bank for eternity?




One response

2 09 2010
Johan Oelen

I think giving is the best protection against being consumed by the want for more. Both for poor and rich

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