Developing Business in South Africa

17 09 2009


Spangenberg Management Solutions cc

This may come as a shock to some of the regular readers but yes, I do do business as i am essentially a Bussionary! That simply means I follow Paul’s example of working for my daily income and all the funds of the church is used to advance the Kingdom.  

So what am I on about now you wonder! I want to talk about unemployment in South Africa and our approach to it. Having been in business al my life and specifically in the development of human potential and finance  i have noted a few anomalies in how we approach our serious situation of unemployment. If we consider it is estimated that over 60% of school-leavers will not find employment on leaving school we can see the concern. We have established what are called Sita’s which fund business in assisting in the development of youth in areas identified as high employment areas.

However I do not believe this is the solution.

We have therefore devised an Entrepreneurial Development Program and it is not aimed at the already negative and unemployed youth but at pre unemployment. That is at school level from Grade 9 to 11. This program teaches kids how to think about business and we specialise in attacking the mind set rather than the skill set which can always be given later. If the child is not motivated and has not positively experienced his/her venture into the world of business in a practical and fun way using language they understand they will not use this incredible talent South Africans have of being entrepreneurial. It is important to note that all our courses are done at schools but in a boardroom atmosphere over three days where we cover;

Conceptualise – Where do you get ideas from; Enhance and add value; brain storming; needs and wants

Formalise – Using the Business Plan to check your thoughts including financial projections and Marking (Target markets, Marketing Mix etc.)

Actualise – Principles of Project management (It does not help you have a fantastic thought checked on paper and do not follow it through) Time management and prioritising; Action plans

Our initial test at Hatfield CS in Pretoria was successful and we have one men paying their way through university because of the success of the businesses established during this course. We have subsequently rolled out the program in Namibia to a number of schools which allowed us to refine the product where we now have “Best Practice” methodologies ensuring the success of our candidates.

We are now able to help the school-leaver to not only potentially establish his own small business which can sustain him and keep him out of drugs and crime but also give him a positive outlook on life. Where hope is instilled a child can be activated to achieve amazing results.

If you would like more info or would like to be involved as a mentor or supporter please contact me or visit  or

Use you skills in the business sector or market place to allow someone else to be the best they can be slowly changing our world child by child!




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