Invite to Africa

25 06 2009

violent africaI believe we have had our fill of super religous words and incredible sermons only to hear that the Pastor/Reverend/Preacher/whatever has been linked to pornography/stealing/etc.

I am not having a stab at anyone in particular or in fact writing about the sin prevalent in church but about encouraging You…Mr ordinary to step out and be extraordinary!

I want to invite those of you who do not have a desire to be “involved” in church to consider a visit to Africa.

The church has great leaders (and some not so great) but the greatest of all is those who are simply willing to love Jesus for who He is where He is and in their way without holding back.

I want to encouarge you to go on an adventure! For those not in Africa I invite you into our world where danger lurks behind every corner and even the aparent good can be bad! Lions are not your worst enemy…even the water can kill!
The adventure is to look beyond what can kill at what can give life!
I challenge you to immerse yourself in the Word of God on a daily basis while asking Him to disclose His mysteries to you. That is it! Once you have completed this assignment I would like to invite you to Africa to spend some time with some beloved friends in the rural communities where you will be our guest and enjoy the real hospitality of true Africans!

There are conditions; You must advise me you are taking the challenge. You must update me on your progress (you may even illicit my help although I doubt you will need it except for encouragement)

Good luck on your journey and i trust we will meet one day as you indertake your adventure into the heartland of REAL Africa.




One response

21 07 2009

okay, i’ll do it!
garry, crestview, fl

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