Zimbabwe and South Africa

20 04 2009

I find it intersting that the reason Eli was “punished” was not because of what he did, but because of what he did not do!

The sin of passivity is equal to the sin of doing a wrongful deed. Eli did not stop his “worthless sons” [1 Samuel 2;12] from stealing the sacrificed meat. This dishonour to God’s name was the sin. Then you say what has this to do with the heading titled “Zimbabwe and South Africa”? It occurred to me that the sin we have with Zimbabe  is exactly the sin of Eli for which he and his sons were punished.

The sin of being passive and allowing sin to continue is in itself also a sin. President Mbeki is weak and cannot stand up to Robert Mugabe and therefore refuses to chastise the behavior and murder perpetrated by the ZANU PF supporters.

It is not about winning a Presidency and maintaining the power although that has an obvious advantage. What it is about is the unjust and inhumane manner that people are being treated. Let us ignore the obvious racist aspect of the onslaught but, simply look at it one person to the other.

It is unacceptable that anyone be removed from a productive land they have managed successfully for a number of years. There are many examples of how it goes wrong…look at South Africa and forced removals through the apartheid system and many others like Nazi Germany. There is not a single example of this being successful for any length of time.

I look at those most hurt and suffering, the black population! The reality is that those most effected are most probably able to survive in a manner but, what about their labourers. They do not have something they could manage to put away or friends they can resort to. They have simply nothing…

That in a country who claims to be 70% Christian as does South africa… and we sit queitly and observe…and that is all we do.




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