World cup Soccer, 2010

17 11 2008

South Africa is in the enviable position of presenting the World Cup Soccer for 2010 and are in the process of building and renovating the existing stadiums. The renovation of the physical asswets is only one area for the people of SA to be involved in. The most important is the attempt to “renovate” our national soccer team.

We have at great cost obtained the services of a Brazilian which lasted a few months only at great cost and then his sidekick was suggested by him. This individual who is unable to communicate in English has now taken over the reigns in South Africa. I suppose the immediate question is how is he doing in the sports mad country which once had a dominant side with enviable talent. I am sure the talent is still there but like many other things the politics have devastated the abilities of the South African side and no amount of money thrown at it will correct the problems. In discussiong the concerns with some friends we came to the agreement that the problems is deeper than where they are looking. Talent lies untouched in the rural areas with playing grounds unable to be played on. In the Monsterlus area the pitch has a roadway going through it and the game must be stopped if someone needs to access this road. I am told it seldom happens but the tracks of when it does happen is on the pitch and effects the ball.

There is no development of the players and any player showing any type of ability is snatched up by the “promoters” and used in the informal leagues where they try to trade the skills within themselves for financial goals exclusively. There is no further training or development of the player. That is where the tragedy lies. It is good that he is recognised but that he simply becomes a cash cow with no further development or scouts to identify and encourage them to move elsewhere we continually lose these players.

My hope is that we have a complete overhaul of our sport systems as we recognise the shortfalls. I believe we are fully able to take on and beat the best in the world if only we put the mechanisms in place to achieve at the highest level.




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