Are you a Christian?

2 10 2008

This may seem a silly question, because you go to church, so what is the question about? Well, many of us attending churches are not necessarily Christians or following in His teachings. How do we know if we really are Christians and what does a REAL Christian look like?

 As I go through the Word I find it quite intersting that one is exclusively identified as a believer by the fruits. That sounds quite an easy way out, but there is more to it. We need to identify what is the fruit. There is a difference between fruit and gifts. If we see gifts as something you get on birthdays it is instant and you take possession of it. Fruits on the other hand need to grow and over time become mature.

There is no developing in gifts whereas in fruits you would often find a considerable amount of development required. This is in the form of character building and tests which come across your path. To have good fruit means that you have experienced areas of growth through challenges and tests which have been overcome. To have bad fruit means that you have succumbed to the temptations in the maturing process. Can these fruits get healthy again? Yes they can! As fruits are protected and made healthy when sprayed with insecticide so you can be protected. What is our insecticide?

It is a good healthy relationship in a body of believers who care and love you and regular reading of the manual on how to grow, the Bible.

I recommend you get sprayed and grow strong. A Christian is known and judged according to the Word of God by his behaviour and thoughts. That is why we cannot judge because we are unable to see the hidden intentions which can only be judged by Him who knows the inner thoughts of man.




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