Shock, Horror Shriek and Gasp

1 10 2008

These were the words and feelings when discovering I do not have my laptop and cannot even recall where i left it! How our lives revolve around the contents of this metal and mineral beast we lug around and now cannot live without!

I spoke at a Law firm and was distracted as there were more people than seats and therefore i put my laptop case (with laptop) on the floor next to my seat. I know you know what I did! I moved up a seat to allow others to get in. After the talk two wanted to ask me somethings and i knew I had to get home as my son needed to get to the Orthodontist and i was the days allocated Mr Mom!When I arrived home i suddenly discovered the Laptop was not in the car where I normally put it. As i walked around trying to see if I could find it a numbness came over me as i recalled I do not have backups or any information on what is on the Laptop! Years of sermons and lectures with all my business and friends contacts as well as my latest work was on the laptop. A numbness came over me and I could feel my body react against the blood pressure and stress reaction.

As I told my wife I could see the shock on her face and the obvious question…do you have backups! As I went through what happened in my mind I felt I left it at the mall where I park and placed it next to the Parking Ticket payment point as I searched for change and left it next to the machine. This being South Africa and the location a public place I felt there was no option but suicide:) I called the mall and spoke to security. No lost articles had been reported…of course not! Then it dawned on me that all my banking details as well as my business banking was on my laptop!

A quick call to the bank and I was locked out of any transactions on my accounts until I called on the bank, identified myself and was reallocated a new password and everything that goes with that. Get the picture! My wife asked if i had called the lady who arranges the talks and I did not have the detail as it is guess where… yes, the Laptop! But I do have the number of a friend who i called and interrupted her changing the baby and putting him to bed. She would give me the number as soon as she had time. I thanked her even though I wanted to scream BUT THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!

Eventually I got the detail and called her. She had left the office directly after my talk! However she had the number of another person who was also there. I called him and lo and behold, he was still at the office. As I explained the reason for my call he said he would call me back in a minute as he would go look in the boardroom.

A few minutes later the phone rang, “if you come tomorrow i have it here with me”!

I sank to the floor in gratitude to the great God who cares even for small things like this. Then it sank in how enormous something like a computer has become in our lives and today, yes today I go to buy an external Hardrive to make backups!!!!




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