The Word -Apostasy:)

29 09 2008

Members of my church have requested we look at Revelations and more specifically Chapter 17 which speaks of the Whore of Babylon. For those who know me I am not really an end time person and prefer preparing myself for the Bridegroom than initiating actions against the “Beast”. As I looked at these scriptures some amazing things started to happen in my heart and deep truths seeped into my very being that i want to share with you.

Before we can look at all these things we need to understand the times we are in! What are signs of the end times.

1. An increase in False Prophets as well as compromise on the Word and a falling away or departing from the word which is APOSTASY.

Mt 24:4-5 says we must see to it that no-one misleads us. How can we do that? By a knowledge of the Word! Verse 10-11 says that at that time many will fall away.  while Vs 24 says that false Christs and prophets will arise. Luke asks the question in 18:8 that when the Christ returns will he find faith on the earth? 1 Tim 4;1 states that some will fall away while 2 Thes 2:1-3 once more warns us to let no-one deceive you.

This is rather clear that a part of the end times is a falling away of belief and in fact it says that (2 Pet 3;3-4) Mockers will come following in their own lusts. You may recognise some of these statements and i am reminded of the discussion in our local newspaper as to the existence of Jesus as a Professor in Theology at Unisa claims this was not. This argument has been raging for a while now and i simply find it amusing as one is unable to change any view. All i know is what I know and that is that one day at the judgement seat some will be pleased to meet Him and others not.

2 Tim 3;1-5 talks about difficult times which will come and in Vs 13 it says that impostors will deceive.

How can this happen when there is ample proof of the existence of Jesus as well as the miracles including major miracles like the flood. (In immense regions of Asia there are pre-knowledge pottery shards and then a layer 18ft of clear sediment followed by further pottery shards . The region where the digs were held is immense but similar in the sediment layer?)

I believe the reason this happens is that we as Christians have been attacked for many years implying that we are deficient in our thinking and “backward: and the worst is thyat some are ashamed of the name they represent. The name of Jesus Christ. I find it intersting that this is not only my view but is stated in the word that some will be “ashamed” of His name and like Peter deny allegiance. If we do that how much easier for those on the periphery to do so. This osunds very militant but you must put it in perspective as it is not intended at all. I am saying you must know what you know and hold to it in a loving, but not compromising way.    

Mat 24;37-39 and Luke 17;26-30 talks about it being as in the days of Noah!  Those days were known for the sexual abuse (Baal belief system,crime, lack of morals and respect to fellow man.  We can live in a world where only our own bodily needs are met at any cost…even the life of others as with drugs and sex …as long as we satisfy the need of the body. In fact that means that you have gone back in development to the ancient Baal and Ashtoreh belief system and have become a Pagan. Or…we can consider one another and have PEACE with one another while enjoying our combined and agreed areas of joy. Of course this is over simplifying but with a restriction of space that is all I can say but to wish you blessings and wise decisions on your life.




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