Ancestral worship – Christianity

26 08 2008

In South Africa you would find on the census that the majority are “Christians”. This statistic is unfortunately flawed as we need determine what is Christian versus what is Animism or Ancestral Worship. The reason being is that the largest church in South Africa are the ZCC who believe in “Christianity” but also believe in Animism or Ancestral Worship. These two are incompatible!

Ancestral Worship is one of the oldest religions known to man and is when one worships inanimate objects (like trees or the moon) and ancestors.

God has designed us to seek a higher force and all have that desire in him and therefore we through all cultures and in all geographic areas seek a higher being. We seek him in what we see or cannot understand and try to continue the relationship of educator and adviser that parents have after they have passed away.

It is easy to understand why we, as practising Christians, have a direct instruction to advise all of the “good news” or Gospel. That is that one need not look to dead objects or family members, but that there is a living God who desires to love and care for you.  In Ecclesiastes 9;5 it states that the dead know nothing! IN fact there are many warnings that we are not to attempt to contact the dead. Why would that be? It is quiet simple actually. Because it is not your family member you are contacting but demons who impersonate the family member or loved one. That is why channeling is seen to be so evil by any practising Christian. I am told that the person called up must be the family member because they have knowledge that only a close family member could have. Well, demons are closer as they are with you day in and day out and hear every word uttered. (Unlike God they cannot read your thoughts or see the intent of your heart). They know all your intimacies and can and do reflect that to appear to be the family member.

In 1 Samuel we see the picture of Saul beleagered by the Philistines and he wants advise how to defend. He travels to Endor to have a wiotch call up the prophet Samuel. When she does she is surprised and in fact screamms out in shock. Why? Because it is not the usual demon she would call up as an imposter but it was a shrouded person she did not recognise. God called up Samuel to respond! Saul recognises him.

Rather than get advise on how to defend he is told of his sin and informed of the punishment. The punishment is met out that same day. That is how serious it is viewed by God to attempt to call up the dead.

They are dead and the bodies simply deteriote while the soul goes in either of two directions. A welcome by Jesus or the awareness of everlasting torment as they discover they are in Hades and one day at judgement Hades will be cast into Hell where there will be gnashing of teeth and distress.

I am told how could a loving God do such a thing. Well He does not do it. The choices you make is what causes the destination to be determined. So it is you who could decide which eternity you would like to enjoy and your choices is what aids this decision.

I pray that you make the right choices.




2 responses

20 12 2009

I am a christian, in fact the only christian in my family. The problem i am facing now is that my whole family will be gathered in an ancestral ceremony. I cannot join them because i do not believe in what they believe. But everything will be happening in my family; where i live, what can i do to, i dont know what will happen, i want to avoid the ceremony and i dont know how. I dont want to participate, how can i?

31 10 2012
Thaddeus Sakwe

Stand your ground and do not compromise your faith for God. One with God is majority

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