New Age Church Vs Home Church

25 08 2008

I have been asked by a well meaning acquaintance about our church and if I feel comfortable doing what we do. This question obviously had me wondering and only once I started to ask question the full meaning of the question became obvious.

There appears to be a misuunderstanding what a Home Church is all about so i would liket to take a few minutes to clarify. Home Church or Simple Church or Organic Church ar emore or less the same things but are definitely not New Age Churches.

A New Age church does not see God as the sovereign being who is a tri-une God and His Son Jesus Christ who came to earth to be crucified for our sins and thereby defeated death. New Age is a process by which the follower himself becomes God by being in charge of his own destiny by living a “good life” and being in touch with the strength within himself. Much of what Oprah Winfrey espouses through her choice of book readings exemplify the New Age movement principles.

Home Church on the other hand believe in the precepts of the bible exactly and follow the teachings of Jesus. In a desire to be more intimate with Jesus and to ensure there is fellowship and accountability the choice of small groups who tend to change over time has taken place. The size is restricted due to meeting in Homes (See Acts 2 where all met in homes and no one had any need). It is also very cost effective as the “Pastor” or “leader” does not earn an income as that individual will normally be a lay preacher who is employed elsewhere. This means that all the administartion and salary costs as well as fancy buildings and all that goes with it is saved and the tithing therefore can go directly to the needy.

Because it is smaller it is more intimate and everyone knows each other. Home Church is not about the meeting one day a week but more about the life of church throughout the week and we simply celebrate God on our weekly get together.

We have been driving a home church now for 12 years and have been fascinated by how the culture continually changes as the core people change yet the worship remains constant. At present we have a fascinating group with the oldest being 79 and the youngest being 17 while two of th emembers were in “Church Management” for years as worship leaders of a formal church. We have two sets of worship leaders being a young group doing music and worship styles which are new and invigorating and on alternative days we have the older group who do more traditional hymn style worship.

The home church consists of Blacks from a Sotho and Nguni background and whites from English and Afrikaans backgrounds so there is immense diversity in culture.

We are mission orientated and work among the Ndebele, Pedi, Sotho and Tswana in the old apartheid homeland of Kwandabele.

As you can see this carries thye flavor as seen ion Acts 2 where our first purpose is loving one another and allowing that overflow to go to all the nations based on the complete scriptures of the Bible.

I hope this gives some clarity as to what we are about!

All are welcome irrespective of belief or culture. We do trust that other beliefs would remember that we hold the Christian faith and discussions as to why is held in informal groups rather than at weekly meetings which is truly celebrating our time together and always has cake and coffee:)




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