Racism in South Africa-xenophobia arises

20 05 2008

You may so, “so what’s new”? Well the horror of xenophobia rages on in SA with “foreigners being targeted for eradication with over 22 people killed in horrific fashion.

In Pritchard Street in mid downtown Johannesburg we hear of people standing in one high rise and watching those in another screaming “we are coming for you”! Scenes like these are better known in horror movies that are so surreal you are not in fear because it can’t be real. If you know the site of the notorious “necklacing” which is when you place a car tire around someones neck and set it alight! The smoldering tire drips red hot melted tire burning through you and also suffocating you with toxic fumes. The most frightening I have heard was a simple question, “what happened to the rainbow Nation”? Indeed, what has happened to our nation and the hope and joy we experienced at the end of the Nationalist Government. The present Government seem to be as horrific and evil as the previous.

In the Bible we often read about how God judged the leader of nations and either blessed or cursed that leader. I wonder what God is thinking of our present leaders. I shudder to think what awaits them one day when they stand at the foot of the Judgement Seat of Christ and He opens the Book of life and reads all the actions as well as the very thoughts and emotions of our leaders. 

Nothing will be hidden and He will judge righteously over all actions as well as thoughts.

My prayer for our nation is that the people of this great country turn their heart to God and humbly beg His forgiveness for our arrogance and for moving away from Him. I look at our new laws as we have the “rights” given to Gays to marry and i hear talk radio misguided people speaking of teenage suicides and the pressure put on them because they are gay. Apparently this confuses them and that is why they commit suicide. What a misguided view! I would think the message that what they do is OK is what confuses them as sin can never be seen as accepted and a gay life of choice is sin….anyway you look at it.

Everything has gone topsy turvy with good and biblical ways of life seen as retarded while sin is rejoiced as a liberation…of course it would be seen as liberation as there is no response required or correction of behaviour or sacrifice of containing your natural and evil nature.

I remain in prayer for our country that love will overcome and the many good men and woman will stand up for Him and call upon His name for mercy and grace.   




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