Love surrounds and astounds me

13 05 2008

I have recently been blwon over by the events washing over me. Let me tell you about them as they all concern love and sometimes the lack thereof. My daughter, who is a beautiful 21 year old, has recently taking up a friendship with a great young man who we know for over 17 years. He called on me to ask me for permission to start a relationship with my daughter. Now you may say surely you mean he asked to get engaged! No. He simply indicated that he wanted to get to know her better.

This so impressed me as what he did not know is that this was my daughters desire that her future husband would respect and honour the family as well. I know you are thinkingh some serious mental damage has occurred here but allow me to tell you a bit more.

My daugther has never dated before,,,out of choice! She has broken the hearts of many young men as she is pretty and very sociable and well liked by all. Her choice is out of her belief system and she believes that as she honoured God He would honour her with the right husband one day and a number of years ago we bought her a “promise ring” which she still wears. For those of you who do not know what a promise ring is it is what a young lady wears promising chastity and devotion to Jesus until the day she meets her husband who replaces the ring from her Father (me in this case) with his.

This has been so good for us as (we will call her “J9”) J9 has been quite the social butterfly and attended clubs and many other areas where you may want to question her Christian beliefs.

She once mentioned to me that it was a concern for her and for her witness. My thoughts were “where did Jesus go?” The question should not be where do you go but what do you do when you are there?

The delight in my daughter as she now walks this path with this great young man (fortunately he is handsome and intellegent and as a Father did i mention he is a great businessman as well:)

The joy of waiting and trusting is now fulfilled and we look forward to what the future holds.

That is not all…I then recieve a msg from my Son who is currently in Romania on a mission trip to advise me he has met someone. Here we go again!

I thank the Lord for the gift of children and especially those who love Him as I am amazed when I hear the drama and stress of relationships which sour. We have been miraculously saved from this and my prayer is that it will continue.  







2 responses

17 05 2008

You said:-
this great young man (fortunately he is handsome and intellegent and he is a great businessman as well —
So nothing like you then? she has not gone for a dad clone…….. 🙂

Be Blessed

20 05 2008

You are truly blessed and so is she. Were that all men behaved in this manner

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