What a lot of drivel

23 04 2008

You ever heard someone remark on how badly behaved children are “these days”? What was it like in your day and what constitutes bad behaviour? When i look at what is being modeled continually then my child is an absolute angel!

Lies dressed up in political speak called “spin” with Hilary Clinton ducking bullets from helicopters and Jacob Zuma claiming innocence in rape and other abuse. Our President Mbeki of course never did say that there is “no crisis” in Zimbabwe even though it is widely reported. We are the ones who do not fully understand the English language and could not see he meant that Zimbabwe was not in crisis compared to the electoral system….OK so what’s the difference? The country is in crisis! There I said it so what? Has the world now collapsed because I said what i really think?We have become so unreal that we cannot say anything without wrapping it in these outrageous layers of non-sensical garbage and hence we cannot deal with anything or in Mbeki’s case do not want to deal with anything.

Then David Bullard came our and said what many are thinking and was fired as a journalist at the Sunday Times. The fact that South Africa has embarked on a New Apartheid using Black Empowerment makes no difference. It is still a system based on skin colour. What is with our country. Expertise is flowing out and everything seems to be collapsing yet we continue shoving our head in the sand.

It is not that the whites or any other group for that matter is the savior of anything but that we all need to learn to work together and to use the abilities of others. Until we learn this simple fact we continue with actions which will not change what we do for the better of the country! The point here is that a number of groups and races live in our rainbow country…remember that concept…and it is right so. As it is evil what was done under the apartheid regime so it ios evil what is being done now. Anything based on separating a group is evil to me. Here is my reasoning. God made us all in His image and i have a direct instruction to love my neighbor as myself. It does not tell me what color or belief or sex or whatever this neighbor may be or have but to love him! So do it!    




One response

20 05 2008

I agree wholeheartedly with your last sentence my brother. However the unfortunate truth of the matter is that since time immemorial satan has used prejudice of all kinds to keep peoples seperated. The sad state of affairs is that too many of our christian brothers and sisters fall victim to this mentality and behaviour, too many are secret bigots outwardly showing acceptance of people different to them but inwardly dispising them.

We have the very people who should be showing and living the love of Christ Jesus actually perpetuating this prejudicial behaviour when among people of like mind or with their family, the sadness is that the children learn from what they see and experience in the behaviour of the adults around them and accept it as correct long before they are of the maturity to question the behaviour.

And thus the cycle of prejudice continues!
Antisemitism, Classism, Ageism, Racism, etc.

We should arise in the morning and the first thing we should do is put on the eyes of Jesus.

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