Yes, there is life after death!

6 03 2008


The last two postings speak about what happens directly after you die and Channeling as well as near death experiences. So let’s have a look at life after death.

Paul speaks of life as a tent that is temporarily put up only to be taken down and exchanged for a permanent residence which is the Mansion that is spoken of which has many rooms and Jesus has gone to prepare it for us. Let us revise the last post. We spoke about Sheol (OT) and Hades(NT) and Jesus who went to Hades to remove the OT believers. Now only the non Believers await their fate in the fire of Hades.Job tells us that they are in pain and torment (Job 26:5&6)  This waiting state is clearly defined in Daniel 12:2.  When Jesus returns the Word says that those in Hades will be thrown into Hell (Rev 20:12-15) or the Lake of Fire.That is if your name is not found in the book of life! Here is the good news…it can be done. The problem with most is they ask what is the worth as we don;t know if we can make it anyhow so what is the use of living a goody goody life. Firstly, the view of Christian life has been distorted to make it an unsavoury experience with no fun or joy.

To get to heaven you simply need to do the following;

Romans 3:23

Romans 5:8

Romans 10:9-10,13

John 1:12

John 3:16-17

John 5:24

John 10:27-30

John 20:31

Note, there are no references to you not enjoying yourself but in fact encouragement to love and be concerned about one another. I have found the biggest mistake we make is to look at others who call themselves “Christians” and judge Jesus by what we see. We as people are fallible and full of sin. I suggest you read His instructions in John on how to live and live fully!

Be encouraged and go for the permanent mansion we shall inherit one day.






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6 03 2008

Life after death is known as children. When we die we continue in the form of our children. QED.

7 03 2008

Danny I’m not sure how to write English in more plain language than I have. But I’ll try. Here’s the question: is there life after death?
Answer: Yes, when you die, life goes on.
Is there life for you as the individual after death? No, unless you’ve left children behind.
The idea that you carry on living after you’re dead is kind’ve a curious one.

10 03 2008

Dear Danny,

Thank you for sending me the link to your web log of the All Nations Family. I have read most of the postings with great interest and would like to react to them. As you know from our discussions before, I see things very differently on these matters, which is never a problem between us. However, I would like to stress again that I write you both as a friend, as well as from a position of having respect for anybody’s thoughts, ideas and beliefs, however far these beliefs may be from my own. The freedom to share thoughts openly and frankly, but always in a respectful way, is dear to me.

So, having said that, I will try to explain my thoughts on the fact that I do not believe there is anything after death, and why I do not believe in a god, or in the related fact that a non-believer “will await their fate in the fire of Hades” (or any other braai for that matter!).

People in general, I believe, are not “fallible and full of sin” as stated on your website. I think that any person that is raised with love, attention and a good set of values on what is right and wrong, and is also not exposed to examples of behaviour that are presented as desirable but in fact are not right or even violent, such a person will in general have the tendency to do the right thing. Of course a god –and I write A god on purpose as I think the discussion is the same for any religion- and with that god a guiding book such as the Bible, Koran or Thora, can surely help as a guideline to what is right and wrong. It can also can help as a discouragement to do things that are not right, but so does the death penalty! And that one also does not bring a full solution as we all know. In fact, what is right and wrong should not be linked to any holy book or special believe, it should come naturally if you care for others and for yourself.

What I am trying to say is that in principle a god should not be needed to do the right thing. A stable and emotionally balanced person should know without a “supervisor of life” what the difference is between good and bad, between right and wrong. The fact that a lot of people indeed do not act the way they should is obvious, but this has no direct relation with believing or not believing that you are in the hands of a god. Thousands of people say they are “believers” and that they are “in the lord”, and still do the most awful stuff you can think of. Vice versa, non-believers also do not perform at their best in life at many occasions, so where is the difference? The worst is of course the situation where you are even acting against your fellow-man in the name of a god or a religion, which I am sorry to say happens every day and has been the reason for killing millions of people over many centuries. Thank god (there he is again), a lot of good things are done in the name of a god as well, and despite the fact that I do not think a god should be necessary to perform these tasks, I am happy and grateful so may people do show us the good side of mankind. If that is in the name of Jesus, Allah or may it be in the name of the Springboks for that matter, is of less relevance I believe.

Man is a well developed animal, by far the highest in the natural hierarchy of beings on this planet. Because of the fact that we are so sophisticatedly developed and we have such a big and well functioning brain (you would think otherwise if you read a paper once a day), we also show numerous behavioural patterns, that other animals are in general not capable of. Crying, expressing humour and being completely aware and conscious of our own (and hopefully others’) situation are good examples of these human characteristics. There is no other living being on this planet that is so aware of its own situation and of its emotions at a certain time, as the human being. This can be terrific and spark the greatest moments of happiness, for instance while being aware of the fact that you are just a very happy individual or that you are completely in love, but it can also be extremely terrifying! The fact that we are completely conscious of our situation, conscious of our life and especially of the finiteness of our life on this planet, can scare the hell (ooops there it is) out of many of us.

If we were not so well developed and conscious, we would still just be hunting our prey (nice women and a steak, in that particular order), tending to our offspring, maybe building a house and after a good working life we would peacefully die when the time would come. We humans however, have a brain that is aware of the fact that we are here, that we make choices, that we interact with people and that we care. Therefore, the fact that this will all end as soon as this brain -that makes all this consciousness possible- stops functioning, is quite scary. It also means that putting life into a bigger framework, a bigger plan, a scheme in which the life on this planet is just a stage in something that is still to come, can be extremely reassuring to many people. But is it therefore true? Is it very plausible? I personally do not think so.

Before a human being is conceived, before these few cells split and split, over and over again, until a lump of cells develop into a small human being, before from nothing starts to form a creature, was there anything to be found already of that specific human being? That specific individual, that will grow into a happy toddler, a child and adult, that will form many emotional relations with other humans, that will become a beautiful woman maybe, become a great scientist for instance, was there anything before these cells made it possible to grow a body and a mind? Before there was a brain that enabled this individual to become a conscious human being, aware of the fact that he or she has a life to spend, but also aware that there is for sure going to be an end to this life as well, was there something before that? I do not think there was, for the same reason I do not believe there will be anything left after this same brain and body that make all this consciousness possible, will no longer be here. As soon as your body and brain does not function anymore, and your consciousness is therefore no longer there, you remain as that lump of human cells again, just as what it started with when you were just conceived (but usually a lot bigger at the end though). That this might not be such a nice prospect because it implies that the end is really the end, is true. But would that be a reason to search for a big plan behind all this, a big story that will start only as the life as we know it here ends? Is the fact that we are no longer that conscious human being after we die, and that it all ends there, a good reason to believe there is more? Why was it not there than before the individual was conceived? If a god would be waiting for us at the end, why did he not meet us all at the beginning, just before we started this life, just to wish us a good game? I really think it is much more credible that we just exist, and by the grace of the body and especially the mind that makes us conscious of being here, we actually know that we exist.

What of course does remain after a death, is all the emotions for the people that are still here and have to miss the person that died. They still do have their consciousness, they feel their grief, they are aware of the pain of missing their dear one. For them it might be extremely reassuring that the person that died is now moving to a better life, but is it very credible if you are really honest?

What bothers me a little is the fact that people that really believe in a god, often think that the people that do not believe this, miss out on a real great thing. However well meant, as they want the non-believer to also enjoy the fruits of believing, it also implies that the non-believer has a big disadvantage in life; the disadvantage of not believing in a god. It gets worse by all these references to what the non-believers will overcome by not believing, the places of eternal fires in the end, places of demons and devils and of course the great things they will miss out on as they do not reach the jackpot at the end. The heaven and hell story, it sometimes gets a little irritating, however well meant it might be. It assumes to know the truth and that truth has negative consequences on all that miss it. Would it not be a little annoying if there was a book that predicted that all those that do believe in a god would burn for ever at the end, just because that was what they believed?

Let me mirror this, turn it 180 degrees. It would be the same if I –as not believing in a god- would state that in fact by believing in a god, the Christian, Muslim or Jew is missing out on a chance to really be an independent individual. To feel what it is like, trying to be a good person purely on own will and strength, just because you can and not because you should. To be able to enjoy life as a one time experience, with a very coincidental start and a full stop at the end. Not being dependent on an overall story to give reason to the fact why we are here, but accepting to the fullest that we just are, and that this is it.

Epicurus (341-270 B.C.) was one of the greatest philosophers of his time and is still one of the leading philosophers of modern time. He said: “Where we are, death is not, and where death comes in, we are no longer there.” He meant by that, that we do not have to be afraid of death as we will not be conscious to experience it. We will not be there at our own death. I really believe that this captures what life is about. Make all of it while you are here and death is not, because it will surely end when you are no longer here as your conscious self. It will surely end but that is not anything to worry about, as we also do not worry about what was there before we came to this world, do we? It just gives us one more reason to enjoy this moment, care for people and make the most out of our time here.

Danny, I hope you can make any sense out of this. Of course I am really curious to hear your reaction to my views. It is really nice to be able to talk to you so frankly about why I do not agree with you, as good friends should be able to do.

Take care,


22 04 2008

Go Danny!

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