Life after death and near death experiences

4 03 2008


In the previous submission we spoke about what happens directly after you die. We now look at some reported incidences of Near Death experiences and channeling or speaking with your dead relatives.

Are Near Death experiences real. The bible speaks of two incidences where both Stephen and Paul talk about “seeing” heaven as they were stoned. Remember we are speaking of those who have not died but have been claimed to have been “Near Death”.The only place we see instances of someone communicating with the dead is in 1 Samuel 28.

This is the story where Saul had ordered that all “seers” or Witches be killed. Then the Philistines attack and he seeks guidance. He is told that there is a “witch” in En Dor who can see the future. He travels to En Dor in disguise and sees the Witch. She has a revelation of who he is and is scared as he has had all those like her killed! After he assures her that she will not be killed they see a figure dressed in a mantle approaching. Note, she did not go into a trance or call someone but this person appears and walks closer. She is shocked as she recognizes the person. Why is she shocked? They then become aware that the person is Samuel the prophet. He asks why he was disturbed and informs Saul that he will be punished for seeking the future as it is explicitly prohibited. (Lev 10:31, 20:6, and Deut 18;11)

The reason the witch was surprised is that she was used to her cronies, the Demons, to respond to her call. Here a real dead person and not anyone but Samuel himself is called by God. That is the reason for her surprise. Not only that but he does not speak through her but speaks directly to Saul himself. There is no channeling!

One often hears the argument but it must be the family member because of the intimacy of detail which is only known to them. Of course that is so because the demons know all as they have been with you in the spiritual realm all your life and know all those details. They are mimics and impersonaters. 

That is all for now. Next we will go deeper and look at some more references. Please feel free to comment and add your voice and thoughts. Remember we write to those believers who also believe in Ancestral Worship.




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