Wow, what a start to the year!

11 01 2008


This year has taken off with a “zing” to it already and I felt I wanted to ensure we start right so I adress this to our supporter group and if you just coincidently are reading this as well…welcome and join in!

You know about our activities in the old Homeland area of Ga-Rankuwa among the Medical Students at the Medunsa campus where we have established a flourishing gathering which we intend enlarging this year. We will also not be taking the people from Sunnyside (city center of Pretoria) to Medunsa but will also establish a church in Sunnyside for them as well. One of our members, Ken Smith, is an ex worship leader and wanted to get going again so we will be establishing a prayer/worship time in Pretoria South as well. Then Jeanine and Etienne have come to me and after challenging Etienne last year in getting involved in worship at Sunnyside they have informed me they will be establishing a church aimed at Young Adults! No old folks like me or children still at school:) I am excited and as I was chatting with a great friend, Theuns, about this, he offered his work premises for a church building. He is the owner of Mooikloof Caravans and has an enormous workshop where they repair and construct caravans. A portion swill be separated and used for the church!

Besides this of course our church still continues and I am to marry a young man in March so there is a lot on our plate as I also continue with my recruitment and Training business as a Bussionary. We have accepted a contract in Namibia to roll out our Entrepreneurial Development Program to 16 schools in 2008 and we have decided to bless a local church who has established a mission training program to offer the course free to them as well as of course for Floyd McClung and the CPX course down in Cape Town.

 So, why tell you all this…easy! I feel overwhelmed and overjoyed simultaneously but in deep need of covering prayer. Can I ask you to pray for me and if/when the Lord responds to please be so kind as to advise me.   

I wish you all a blessed year and such overwhelming joy to you. I remind you that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ loves you and desires to bless you of you only let Him in. I believe this is to be a defining year and recommend you seriously consider your passions. 




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11 01 2008
penny dugan

Dear Danny,

Great to hear all you are up to. I am moving to S. Africa in May, to plant an AIDS hospice in Ntuzuma (n. of Durban). We have been coming in and out for 4 years, and now will be starting to build the work. Ukukhanya (light in the darkness) Care Centre. Hoping to establish a 40 bed hospice, carry on their home based care and re-establish a feeding scheme.

It is hard to leave my grandbabies, but I know it is the Lord and we will keep the AIDS work and homeless shelter here in Kansas and once the work is established I will be able to move home and go back and forth.

About 3 years back we left YWAM, not because anything wrong with YWAM, just felt the Lord leading us completely back to our AIDS focus.

I don’t have a current email for Floyd I know he and Sally are in S.A. as well,
Could you forward this to him and maybe we can reconnect also.

Much Love and it is cold here in Kansas!

12 01 2008
Jon Skinner

Hi Danny,
Great to read your news – it reminds me that I have to blog! The Lord really seems to be opening up a lot of doors for you. Take care and remain steadfast in Him. Love to you and all your family.

12 01 2008
Greg B


Greetings and Blessings in the Lord bro.

Interested in finding out more about the entraprunerial training. Along with some close partners we have pioneered a hospitality school to train up chefs in for this quickly growing sector. The school is located in the middle east and I can not divulge where for obvious reasons. We draw students from all over. Now that we have the business side of it ramped up and in place we are now going to ramp up the evangilism and ministry side of things.

Would like to talk more. We have been given a real door into business in the middle east and that is the only way we are going to be able to really make an impact for the Lord in those arenas. There is lot of networking going on for us. The goal is to create a “Net that Works” (my wife Ann’s quote) After years of frustration and much trial and error we have finally come to a place where we are seeing some significant building on the foundations that have been placed through much blood, sweat, tears and toil and most of all Grace, Grace Grace and that not of ourselves lest we boast!

Life is good because Jesus is life, Greg


1 06 2009

Does anyone know Ken Smith from WYAM contact info?

25 06 2009

Yes, Ken and Sue Smith are in our congregation if that is who you are looking for. What is the refrence?


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