Howling away at the year to come…

3 01 2008


It is only the 3rd of January and already the excitement and expectation for the new year is taking hold! There is so much happening in the business sector and you may notice some writings on Namibia and wonder why…well, not only did we live there for ten years but I am intricately involved in business in Namibia.

This year I will be returning to offer a series of lectures on Entrepreneurship after our very successful pilot project delivered in 2007!This year we will be delivering this course with completely new content and a slight change in style to over sixteen schools which will effectively keep us busy all year long throughout Namibia! I am therefore in the process of establishing a new company in Windhoek to accommodate our recruitment and training abilities.

In South Africa our recruitment business continues as always and most importantly our church continues. Last year we started a church in Medunsa in the old homelands area of Ga Rankuwa among the young medical students which was absoloutely great. This year we will be continuing with it as well as hopefully plant a church in central Pretoria in the Sunnyside area. This is necessary as we have been carting a number of friends from Sunnyside to Medunsa and eventually have just decided we may as well start a church in Sunnyside.

 Lastly, we want to continue with our different meetings we have over lunch and at various times with groups like some dear friends at a law firm in Brooklyn. We meet onve a week over lunch and simply talk about Jesus. It’s great!

So, as can be seen we have survived the holiday season and am simply getting back into the grind of the year to come and soon we will be sitting saying wow…is it Christmas already:)

Bless you all and the next blogs will be more intersting content but I simply needed to get this off my chest!




One response

4 01 2008

sounds like you are excited for the next year….we are excited with you. Brian in in SA right now for a few weeks….he went to a friends wedding and is touring.

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