Christmas ??? Last entry this year:)

5 12 2007


I have started writing this blog three times now and am at a loss of how to express what is in my heart. Let me rather just say it how it is! I want to express my deep love for Jesus and what He has done for me as an undeserving individual.

I meet with a group in an enormous legal frim where we spend lunchtime doing what used to be called a “bible study”. This group has so challenged my thoughts and created in me a deeper desire to push into what Jesus has. Let me elaborate.The first question asked was how do I know if it is God’s will and how do I hear the Holy Spirit speaking. These general questions from folk really seeking to get to know Him better had me thinking rather than just give the obvious training responses I have a few question sof my own. How will my answer change your life?

We know that statistic will show that nearly 80% of those in the “everyday” church have no engagement beyond attending for the Sunday Service. My question is therefore, how do we increase our passion and love for Jesus AND FOR ONE ANOTHER?  

I have a gifting for teaching, but wonder quite honestly, why must I teach if it becomes simply words which encourages and gives a good feeling but does not change the behaviour patterns at all? How do we agree and join with Jesus where in John 21 he speaks to Peter and instructs him that if he loves Jesus he is to “feed his sheep!”What does it mean to feed the sheep? If someone is not fed, they will die, so to me it is offering life to someone if we offer them the choice of Jesus.

So rather than give you all the answers here are some questions and you are invited to tell me what you think!

Lastly, I wish you a blessed time of remembering the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ – irrespective if you believe he was not born on the 25th Dec and that you do not want any of the Christmas trappings, I suggest you take it simply as a time you could bond with family and loved ones and simply give them gifts because YOU LOVE them and for no other reason. For me and my family we will rejoice at the birth of Jesus and celebrate it as a remembrance of how the Father has allowed His Son to come to earth and die for my sake.




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