Is this the end of Church?

31 10 2007


Taking into consideration some of my previous pieces written does this mean that it is my opinion that it is the end of Church as we know it? Glad you asked:) The answer is surprisingly simple.

Of course not! What i am proposing is that there are alternate expressions of Ecclesia or the Body Of Christ and not one is full correct! If you gather in huge auditoriums with a magnificent worship leader and soft chairs facing a well known  speaker or sitting in a circle on the floor gathering with 6 others and enjoying an indigenous style of worship they are both and equally valid!I personally prefer the small gathering led by laymen! That is me and my expression in the body of Christ as we have a deeper relationship and there is no hiding away. We all have something to contribute in various ways.

That does not mean that I do not attend large gatherings because I do and even talk at such gatherings as well!  You may say that sounds like a hypocrite!

In our church we always introduce new folks with what we call deal-breakers. This is a series of questions where I ask them what will prevent the individual from participating fully in our gathering? Would the skin colour or culture of the one next to you be offensive? Would the amount of water used in baptism be offensive? Would the fact that we celebrate the lord’s Supper with anything at hand be offensive to you? If  and to such a degree that it is a deal breaker for your attendance then so be it. We would love you to explore what the word says about these issues with us and then make a judgement but we believe there are more things which should unite us than what separates us.

In that light I attend all gatherings if invited and on occasion even attend out of my own will as it is nice to occasionally have large corporate worship and I enjoy hearing some encouraging messages!

I have been trying to encourage all readers to get serious with God and enjoy the pleasure of deep relationships of love that cross the barrier of simply “knowing” someone to the level of being in the life of dear friends. The church is  the people that gather and not the place of gathering.

So, be encouraged and search for that loving Jesus who desires that you get to know Him more intimately as well as those who love Him.  




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31 10 2007
Patrick Roberts

No joke, God showing up in a person’s life is one sincere prayer away from happening.

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