As the Beatles said, “Love, Love, Love”!

25 10 2007


I have been writing about church today with a look at what it was and wondering where did we go wrong and what is our season today. This is definitely not an easy topic as most formal Pastors, Dominees etc. do not like what I am saying. You may so, so what! To be honest it does concern me as I have no intention of hurting, but rather would like all to look at what I am saying and wondering if this could be so and imagining what would that world then look like if we really did love each other!

What would happen if we actually did care for the Widows and Orphans in our community? What if we assisted financially those less fortunate than ourselves and put off the upgrading of our two year old car? What if we actually got to meet our neighbor? What if we did not push into the lane simply because we were there first?What if?

I had a received mail from a dear young lady who informed me that her heart is being broken as she has gone through the tragic loss of a family member and she is wondering what this religion thing is about. She has a desire to be more real with her belief as she goes to fill a pew every Sunday but that now feels empty.

This has touched me deeply! Our culture and upbringing demands certain behaviours from us, like attending church! We then beleive we are Christian because we attend. The church is happy because it shows they are popular and can prove that by the numbers attending. They also can “do” many things because of the tighes and “love” offerings and many other funding exercises they go through.

Yet the “members” are dead doing deadworks but longing to meet the living Christ. Yes they are members and sign a document which to me is the greatest manipulation tool we use in the church! 

 The picture I get of what was originally intended is of a loving “Ecclesia” (body of believers living in community) who care for each other without a distinctive leadership but sharing and supporting all in the body.  Doing good things is great, but not your purpose! Your purpose is to glorify the name of God and to love the body.

I wonder why we suffer so to keep some more unfortunate dear friends from the rural areas who have become involved with us in accommodation and food! Could it be that we are in an uncaring world of lip service? We have a donation button on this site which goes directly into the ministry but do you know that in all it’s existence we have not received a single cent for the various causes we are involved in. I can understand that because we have no direct contact with those out there but that is an American concept that you must have relationship with someone and then they will give. The reason being they will give to causes they are involved in and to the people they know.

I tend to wonder where is the sacrificial giving? Must you know where your money is going and must it be accounted for to you? That is a picture I do not see in the bible. Instead I see that once you have handed over your funds the responsibility is to those receiving it and to be accountable to God firstly and then to the community they are in.  Anything else is manipulation through the means of money. I believe that iof one is concerned then become involved in the church or organisation where your money is going and be part of touching hearts.

Oh yes, I have heard the biblical reasons of stewardship and everything else around this which still smells very much like control and manipulation to me. It is easy to determine the correct use of funds! Look at the fruit!

So here is a challenge to you! Reach into your pocket and allow the community of believers witness to His goodness by blessing someone with a cost to yourself!





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