Is this the failure of church

24 10 2007


I have been intrigued by why we are not being effective in sharing the gospel and attracting people to Christianity and in fact the opposite is said to be happening. We are rapidly losing members and I have recently read that the average youth find the church irrelevant. Why?

I have some thoughts I would like to share with you and let me firstly admit, I might not even be right in my assumptions because that is simply what they are…assumptions!I believe it is because we have lost what the “ecclesia” originally had and replaced it with the religiosity of “Church”. So what did the ecclesia originally have that it does not have now? Well it did not have a Priest, Reverend, Pastor or whatever you call your spiritual leader.  Now that is tough for me as I am a Pastor because what will my congregation do without me to lead them? I suppose the Holy Spirit Himself will lead them better than what I am at present! Remember Paul only spent 4 months with the church in Galatia and then left without any “leader” and they grew in their love for each other and Jesus!

There is the next key factor. Love for community which is one another. Remember the original people in Galatia where the poorest of the poor and not the wealthy tone setting leaders. They were forced to look after one another and had a meal together as they discussed this incredible guy Jesus! They spoke about the miracles and were amazed as miracles took place among themselves and by themselves! This so inspired them!

When a problem arose what happened?  Apparently some had too much of a good time when remembering the Lord’s Supper and in fact some drunkenness took place. Today we would have turned our backs on them and closed them down. What did Paul do? He wrote a letter! Go read it yourself!

What do we do? We point fingers and immediately declare the sin and avoid the sinner. Where is the love we talk about and are so proud about and in fact is stated as the definitive aspect of being a “Christian”!


I am not saying we accommodate sin! A case in point, no matter how much we argue and philosophise , Homosexuality is still sin in the eyes of God and that will not change! It is sin. Yet, I have spent much time with men suffering with this affliction and have helped them walk a path of restoration. In fact, one dear friend is about to get married …yes with a woman who knows his background.   

Some have chosen not to consider change and others have fallen back only to come in shame and weeping to start over again..with these I will walk a path anytime and anywhere.

I believe we are to live our belief and not talk it and the most important aspect we are missing is simply love! We do not care for each other anymore! We do many deadworks …actions with a religious flavour as thousands die around us because of lack of real love! They die spiritually as we man soup kitchens without once even mentioning the name of Jesus or touching the hungry in a physical sense only to have them return the next day for physical food and nothing else. Then we leave with a conscience eased by our functions!

Come on Believers! Love someone…really love them by telling them about Jesus and actually do something that costs you..physically, emotionally and spiritually! Whatever you do without  glorifying His name and loving His creation is a deadwork!




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