What are we doing wrong?

22 10 2007


There are many areas one can consider when looking at church and why they are successful or for that matter why they are dreadful and rather to be avoided. It all comes down to a few things only!

  1. Honouring the name of Jesus
  2. Prevalence of love

That is it!If all we do is to give honour and glory to God, then it is enough, as all our actions should be driven from this viewpoint! If we look at what the angels do in the throne room of God we see them and the 24 elders simply honouring and acknowledging Him for who He is. “Glory be to God and Holy is His name”, they sing as the elders cast down their crowns before Him.

Too much of what we do are “dead works”! We do things for our own ego’s and so that people will say what a great sermon that was or this is the guy who spent three years in X country as a missionary in appalling circumstances!  It is about the guy and not Jesus! 

 We rob Him of His glory!

We have so many functions in our churches and are so busy we actually at times forget why we are doing this and in the church management itself we often find that there is not much grace and mercy or love and understanding, because the project must be done and to such a level of professionalism, because we must do all things as unto God!

 Yes, that verse is always the reason we can be loveless!

Often we find someone in a church position who should not be there, but they perform the function because there was no one else. We then expect them to perform this function to the degree that many others would not or could not!  Loveless, action driven churches not honouring His name are found throughout the world. We then export this dead format through our missionaries to other cultures.

Jesus gathered and spoke about His Father and in love encouraged all to make a choice. That is surely what we should be doing! Gathering in culturally relevant environments and telling what Jesus did while encouraging all to make a choice!  




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