Warning- soppy material

12 10 2007


There are times when things just get too much for one and you need a space or area to block off for yourself. I had reached this area a while ago when numerous things simply crashed around me. As the “Man of the house” it is my responsibility to lead my family and by example (not only speech:) to guide them to be the best they can!

It is therefore difficult in these times to be that mountain of strength when the work is not flowing and your daughter has had a car accident (with an imported vehicle which makes part access impossible!) and there is a death while your wife has just returned from Egypt and must be rushed to hospital with bronchitis! OK you say, surely you’re putting it on for drama sake!

I don’t need drama and those are the facts!

OK, now that we have all wiped a tear or wondered what this nonsense is about and where is he going with this drivel, let me tell you!

When you’re down, and troubled, and need a helping hand…oh sorry, that is the words of Carly Simons, “you need a friend”. But that is really the case except that you find you always had friends and that they have been rooting for you anyway!

The greatest friend one can have is yourself! Be kind to yourself and take time to slow down and then…count your blessings! I did this and to my great surprise I re discovered my love for my children who are ALL GROWN UP AND NO LONGER HUG ME OR TELL ME HOW THEY MISS ME (EXCEPT IF THERE IS MONEY NEEDED!)

I found that I love my wife deeply and that after 25 years and cannot think of anyone I would rather be with. My daughter and two sons are a source of great pleasure to me even though they really don’t hug me anymore. They are both taller than what I am and keen sportsman so it is not cool to hug your dad!

Behind all this I found the reason I could find such joy in my family and those around me. I have fallen in love with someone else. Jesus has steadily grown to the extent where He is the source of my joy. As I love Him I change and my family reacts to it and love and respect me which forces me to love and honour them and this cycle sneaks up on you until you slow down and consider all and then trace it back…

Fascinating how true the bible is! It is all about love and I have found that once I pour it out it somehow comes back to me. Not necessarily by the one I am pouring it out on, but by others who make it all worth while.    

Be encouraged and pour out love on someone today. 




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