What is all this “American” bashing about?

5 10 2007


In a recent conversation I have heard someone just vent about the “Americans” to such a degree I could not even follow the thought and it was obvious here is a deep hurt and that set me to wondering what is this fashion to badmouth Americans!

As I tried to understand this it became obvious that it is always a sector of Americans that get bashed. I will not even attempt to discuss the Bush bashing going on as most of it is contrived for political agendas which rationalise that if you can ridicule someone his esteem and therefore power base becomes eroded.If this was an exception one could simply laugh it off as someone who had an ego tweak! Unfortunately this is a growing phenomenon and I am aware that some of it is contrived for power purposes but the danger is that many are not aware of this and are therefore effected to the degree of what is innuendo becomes fact!

I have had the honour of living in the US for a number of years (Mid-West…Go Bronco’s and!) have met the most wonderful people who have passionate beliefs and love for their fellow man. I have met men who weep when hearing of the pain in countries they have never even heard about and are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice…use of their funds to assist those in needs. To me that is the ultimate test in this world is if you are willing to use your money to make something good come about.

I have been with Americans who have given of their time to go on a trip with me to hard places where they have no rights, comforts or even respect and they have done well!

I know Americans who would remove their shirt for someone who is getting cold. I have a dear friend who would walk with me in deep snow for hours to simply allow someone to share their heart and be the consolation for that person. I have spent hours on a roof with great friends in boiling sun simply because it was needed to be done and there was no question of being paid!

I was honoured to be part opf a group who simply wanted to bless a divorcee by painting her house and taking care of dangerous storm ravaged trees and escalated it to be a “fathers voice” to her hurting sons.

That is the Americans I know…I have never met George Bush and do not know what he thinks and am aware that numerous decisions he need make may not be exactly what he wants but he believes he is doing the right thing. I don;t have to agree with him but that does not mean that everything he does is bad or the way he speaks invalidates what he does.

Therefore, I want to ask those who have something to say. What you say often indicates who you are. For my fellow South Africans…yes we all seem to have a view but I would ask that you consider what you say and think as all that is said has an effect…either on your children, friends or even your own heart and as Coca Cola has proven if you say something enough it becomes reality irrespective of the truth behind it.     




One response

13 10 2007
Kevin Parry

As a South African, I’m also tempted to bad mouth Americans. But you are right: we can’t judge an entire 300 million people on the actions of just a few. America is a great country with wonderful people,. My own view is that I’m not anti-American, I’m just anti-power. And it is the current Bush administration that we should criticize, simply because it has abused power. Under his leadership, the country invaded a sovereign country (Iraq) without any provocation; it held POW’s without respecting basic human rights (such as the right to an attorney), and it has allowed minimal torture in its prison camps.

I look forward to the day when Bush leaves office.

All the best

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