Death of a friend

5 10 2007


As a Pastor, I am often called on to provide solace and comfort to those who are hurting  and have experienced some traumatic loss. My training has taught me how to most effectively deal with sorrow and continue to assist the grieving individual in dealing with these painful emotions.

What it has not taught me, is to take that teaching and transfer it in my own life! To get comfort it need come from outside oneself! As I deal with the loss of a dear friend, colleague and fellow believer, my heart is wrenched and I weep because of the absence of friendship. M was not only a friend, but was our Worship Leader and Treasurer as well. To fill these positions is easy as many can do the functions. The difficulty is to fill the hole in my heart built up over many years of dealing with this Godly woman.

M was only 24 and lost her life while travelling in Yemen.

God did not “take her life”, as I rather believe, she offered it in the way she lived and her devotion to Him. M has been on many trips before and had also previously been to Yemen which she loves. She had such a desire to love the Yemenis and share her life with them as she had on her many trips to Zambia and Mozambique as well. She was deeply involved in the restructuring of broken and hurt lives as she worked at schools as a counselor to the hurt children. I recall how she would weep as she describes some issue she is working through and we would advise as best we could. She would never mention names or identify the person but would speak of her “dierbare meisie” [translated that is dear girl but in Afrikaans it has a far deeper meaning than the translation would imply].

I have added this blog as a means of me to simply vent and express my love in a rambling way for someone who was very close to our family and as I went through this exercise, I can’t help thinking of my other friends and wanted to simply express my love to them as well. You know exactly who you are!

I deeply value your friendship towards me and our family.    




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