Kaka, the greatest ever

1 10 2007


Kaka is an amazing footballer and is not only deservedly voted the best footballer but is also an amzing individual. This 25 year old striker for AC Milan has carved our a place in history for his ability with a ball. More than that though he has carved a place in our hearts for his off field behaviour as well.

Kaka is known for his unselfish serving of others as he believes this is the least expected of him as a Christian believer! It is this belief system that attracts me. Why does it mean so much to me you may ask. At this level of the game most sportsmen are involved in managing thier careers. As an example I suggest you look at David Beckhams life and ask if you know if he is a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or what does he believe. David Beckham is known for the fantastic way he has “managed” his exposure and image for career purposes.Kaka seems to be the exception as he is truly interested in serving. Paris Hilton is on her way to Africa to help the children. Knowing her lifestyle and behaviours I doubt that one need know more than that this is simply a PR stunt. Kaka does things queitly yet he is open about what he does without a PR feeling and openly talks about his belief in Jesus. In fact he wears a T shirt proclaiming that he belongd to Jesus.

This amazing and skillful player has still a long way to go and I can’t wait to see what heights he will reach because of skill and humility backed by an unmovable belief in Jesus.    




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19 02 2011
Kakà wins FIFPro World Player of the Year « Daniel Haas

[…] took place yesterday at the AC Milan’s Milanello Training Complex, Italy. Yes, Kakà, the greatest ever, is the soccer player that belongs to Jesus. […]

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