Flirting with an illicit relationship

1 10 2007

099bvcal5o13gca6vx6xyca2p20bjca3tbrppcaii7mogcaotkx23ca8p8m3pcaktd7a8catqlgn0caq80aricau08w80cag40h0lcactegz3cahckm0yca6uz836cany81vaca1tpiducaqlucw0cavn5cfc.jpgHow many of you have found that in your life there are other things which surface as you grow older. This has recently happened to me! It is a seasonal thiong and like elephants go in must every two years and become mature for relationships only after 18 years so we have cycles in our life which make us do things which are stronger than any impulse known to human kind.All the signs are there and I have found that I have become furtive and devious, looking for reasons to escape company and be left alone…only to satisfy my needs.

 Yes it is World Cup Rugby time and the TV beckons. Every four years this phenomenon comes along which brings great joy and also great pain to all followers of rugby.

This game of fifteen players is a mix of mental ability and supreme physical fitness with incredible levels of skill and simply brute strength! That is what makes it so fascinating. One moment you are dazzled by the swift movement of a ball dowen the line with a player cutting through what seems an impenetrable wall just to be treated with someone like Os Du Randt mowing through the defense.

The insanity of Schalk Burger and the delight of Frans Steyn keep one glued to the TV.  May this be soon over so that our household could return to normal:)




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