He who does not punish evil, commands it to be done.

27 09 2007

pas47cau6g4wzcab7qj9oca66msu1capdurt9cac84hqbcaoybctyca2yuzpacaj1qhm1canytm8dcajobv25caoc5v04cabcdqx3cat8recpcaik369ecag9vee0cax3iph1caidq2iaca0zni5jcaruplmw.jpgThis quote from Leonardo Da Vinci is particularly relevant in the circumstances of South Africa at present.This incredibly beautiful country with climate conditions from dry desert to green forests populated by myriads of birds and wildlife is slowly being devastated by the wildest of all life, Human Beings.

The crime explosion in South Africa is slowly washing over all and there is not a single person in South Africa who either has been a victim or personally knows of a victim in their circle of acquaintances.

I have heard all the possible reasons and to be quite honest they are a load of hogwash. The fact that SA is such an attraction to our neighbors has caused millions to cross the borders and live in squalid conditions in the inner cities practically making it “no go” areas. Hundreds of people line the streets at intersections to hawk Chinese goods yet this is the area of most opportune crimes with smashed windows being the sign of another smash and grab.

Car hI-jacks are not simply about getting a vehicle but also includes shooting of the drivers and any passengers. When murder is the norm it is surely a red light. It happens so often that it is not always reported to the Police who are notorious for the lack of response.

Farmer killings (racially encouraged as this is a soft target of black on white violence and normally also of aged farmers in desolate areas) are now internationally known to be a concern and is orchestrated and encouraged by the lack of concern and action by Government and the remarks made by senior (Minister level) persons within the ruling Government.

It was Leonardo who also said, “He who wishes to be rich in a day will be hanged in a day.” Quoted in Des MacHale, Wisdom (London, 2002). South Africa does not have corporal punishment and I hope never does but it is getting to the stage where this possibility must be considered.

It is easy to criticise you may say and what are your suggestions to better the society?

I believe in personal and corporate responsibility which means I as an individual am obliged to raise my voice as I am doing as well as report to the authorities any activities I am aware of which may be illegal. Too much happens with the compliance and knowledge of those who keep quiet.

Secondly, I believe I am to join a civic group or local crime fighting unit on a volunteer basis and give of one or two hours sleep in my community to ensure security remains. To walk the street of my community at night with a local inhabitant seems a great option as I get to know my neighbor and protect the lives and property of those I love. To simpy be the eyes and ears of enforcement and take away that burden so that they can more efficiently deal with situations is my part of the deal to get life back to where children can once more walk the street in safety.

What are you doing to turn the tide? 

Once I have done my duty and the police have apprehended the culprits, then the key is that these be punished  quickly and efficiently and be seen to be punished as well. Only then will a deterrent be sufficient to turn the tide.     




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