How deep should the Cross go?

26 09 2007

images.jpgIn reading the latest posting of Floyd McClung (see link to Floyd McClung and All Nations) on fruit in your life it had me thinking of a piece I read of Benny Mostert which touched me deeply as he speaks on Spiritual Fruit and I felt I should share some thoughts too.

One often hears Christians talk about dying unto self as the Word instructs we should do but the lives we see do not reflect this giving of ones life and the humility that goes with it. What is it to “die to self” and why.When a young man asked DL Moody this question he took him to the local cemetery and instructed him to first curse and then praise the person buried there. In response to his question how did the person react to the criticism and praise the astounded student said he could not because he was dead! That is the point. You have no rights to respond to either praise (which is because of the grace of God) or criticism.

Today we have become so aware of our rights that this aspect has been largely lost and our spiritual authority with it!

To “take up your cross and follow Jesus” means that you hand over your rights and follow the will of God over yours. The response to every situation would therefore be, “Father, your will be done”.

The cross was an instrument of fear and death. Fear as you walk past and see the creature suffering until merciful death would take over. That is still the intention. As you suffer the insults for your faith only death to it will release you. This release is when you are fully in His will and can understand that the fight is actually not among ourselves but in the spiritual realm and therefore we need to arm ourselves for that realm. This sounds like fighting talk but dear Beloved, it actually means exactly the opposite in the physical sense.

Bennie says that it is not popular to advocate dying to self…I think that is an understatement of enormous magnitude. We have been trained from youth to want and achieve and to go against this and desire achievement in the spiritual is very difficult.

So how deep must this cross go then?

It must set you free from sin! It must be an enormous wall between sin and me and the blodd shed on that cross must wash me from that sin.

It must set me free from religion that adheres to the laws of do’s and dont’s without love. It must set us free of man-made religion.

My comings in and goings out must be reflected through the cross. If someone must ask what my belief is then my witness has too much of the world in it.

Finally, the cross should nullify my rights. The right to be treated with respect or have your expectations met and recognition for any achievement.

What is the reward for this? You must be content that there is no reward except that in heavenly places.

If you have found this short piece of interest I recommend you read the book, “A cross for a Crown” by Bennie Mostert obtainable through Carpe Diem books. (   




One response

2 10 2007
Greg Beel

The Cross to me also represents reconciliation and relationship. Jesus being our example of this… Romans 5:10 states that while we were His enemy, Jesus went to the cross and took upon Himself our sin (paraphrase.) While we were His enemy, He willingly chose to die in our place so our relationship with God the Father would be restored.

This is also part of giving up our rights as you stated Danny. What right do we have to hate our enemy, if Jesus died for His… The Power of the Cross. The Power of God’s manifested love toward us. How unsearchable and unthinkable and wonderful is He.

As I heard you say many times……”Man, I love God!”

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